Case Study


WINpharma Group WIN Pharmacy Isesaki Store

Turning a pharmacy into customers’ first choice with Plasmacluster
Peace of mind with waiting room hygiene and odor control



Purpose of Implementation

Improved safety, Enhanced comfort, Improved service

Implemented product
Floor-fixed Plasmacluster Air Purifier / Humidified Air Purifier

FU-M1400×12 units/KI-M850S×32 units
5-year Maintenance Package―Full Support Plan: Purchased for all devices
Installed in 35 group stores in February and March 2021. Placed in waiting rooms, break rooms, and other areas.
Dealer: Alfresa Corporation

WINpharma Group

Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture (group headquarters)
Established in 1998. A group of dispensing pharmacies that operates numerous stores primarily in the Kanto region.
WIN Pharmacy Isesaki Store (location of this case study); Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture

This is what we realized.
Challenges before implementation

As the effects of an infectious disease has been spreading, we wanted to eliminate customers’ anxiety as much as possible by improving hygiene in the air environment of our waiting rooms. We were also concerned about the odors that are unique to pharmacies and wanted to control them.

  • Plasmacluster devices cover a large space and are effective in suppressing viruses, collecting dust, and controlling odors.
  • Maintenance is a snap with the 5-year Maintenance Package― Full Support Plan.
  • The Plasmacluster logo and air purifier give customers peace of mind.
Background of Implementation
Hoping to enhance waiting room hygiene and control unique pharmacy odors.

We took a variety of measures in response to the infectious disease spread. For example, we placed alcohol disinfectant at the pharmacy’s entrance. We installed acrylic panels at the counter. We made doubly sure that rooms are regularly ventilated. And we limited the number of people who could be in the waiting room. As part of this, we wanted to enhance our approach to hygiene by installing air purifiers in the waiting room to further reassure customers. We were also concerned about the unique odors that pharmacies have even before the pandemic, so we wanted a device that could control odors as well.

WIN Pharmacy Isesaki Store
Miki Yamamoto, store manager
Norihisa Yamashita, Store staff

Reasons for Selection
Appreciating large-area coverage with a single unit.
The trust associated with Plasmacluster was another deciding factor.

Sharp’s large commercial-use Plasmacluster air purifier can cover a large waiting room with a single unit. We really appreciated that kind of high purification capability. When we looked at ozone air purifiers for comparison, we found that they are limited in terms of where they can be installed. And their coverage was so small that we would have had to install multiple units. Also, our familiarity with Plasmacluster from TV commercials and the like made us feel that it is a device offering dependability and reassurance. This was another major factor in our decision.

A large air purifier (FU-M1400) installed in a spacious waiting room

Effect after implementation
Peace of mind that is appreciated by customers.
And satisfaction with customer support that takes the hassle out of maintenance.

The presence of a large air purifier and the well-known Plasmacluster logo seems to give customers peace of mind. Indeed, we hear many favorable comments about them at the counter. With Plasmacluster, we were not bothered by the distinctive “pharmacy odor” that had concerned us before, nor were we bothered by the damp smell of the rainy season this year. And despite its coverage over a large area, the purifier makes little noise when operating. It never interferes with the medication guidance we give to our customers, even with the acrylic panels on the counter making voices harder to hear. It also comes with casters that let us move it around effortlessly, which really helps when we clean the floor every morning. And because we purchased the 5-year Maintenance Package―Full Support Plan for the main unit, we receive cleaning and inspections and have expendables replaced regularly. This saves our staff a lot of time and effort.

A humidified air purifier (KI-M850S) installed in the staff’s break room

Future prospects
Good prospects for the installation of Plasmacluster devices in even more group stores.
A continuing effort to be customers’ pharmacy of choice.

Our air purifiers have attracted favorable attention from other pharmacies in the group that don’t yet have them. This means that more air purifiers could be installed by the group in the future. Many people are afraid of the infectious disease and are worried about going out, so we will continue striving to be customers’ pharmacy of choice by taking thorough countermeasures to protect them.

Highlighting Plasmacluster’s installation with stickers affixed to the entrance and service counter

Issued July 2021