Scientific Calculators: FAQs

Here are links to frequently asked questions. For your convenience, these questions have been divided into two categories. General Questions deals with questions concerning scientific calculators in general while Questions Concerning Operation answers questions related specifically to operating our calculators.

General Questions
What is a WriteView calculator?
What is a scientific calculator?
What is a programmable calculator?
What is a graphing calculator?
What is the D.A.L. system?
How is the D.A.L. system different from V.P.A.M.?
What should I pay attention to when buying a new scientific calculator?
Are the functions and operating methods different between educational and general scientific calculators?
Why are scientific calculators used in education?
Tell me about cheating prevention and the model certification system.

Questions Concerning Operation
Why does the display automatically turn off?
What does Twin Power mean?
The graph display is hard to see.
How can I turn the power off? What does 2ndF mean?
No keys react. How can I clear the display, and start over?
When I calculate , I can't get the answer 3. Why does this happen? How can I get the right answer?
I can't get 0.5 from sin30. Why does this happen?
How can I get further information on this model?
How can I use the unique functions of this model?
Can I enlarge the memory capacity of the graphing calculator?
Can I keep the content of the memory when changing the batteries of the graphing calculator?
Can I print the display and data of the graphing calculator?
Can I e-mail data and displays made on the graphing calculator?