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Our Action on the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic is threatening people’s health and pushing the global economy into a sharp downturn, as governments across the world responded with a state of emergency or other measures. The international community sees things changing in a way that it has never experienced before.

Likewise, Japan is facing difficult times. The Tokyo Olympics have been postponed and people have been requested to refrain from various activities. Amid this situation, Sharp has acted under the leadership of top management, which has given utmost priority to protecting employees’ health. The company’s fundamental policy for dealing with the pandemic has been disseminated throughout the organization. That includes restricting overseas business trips and asking employees to use flexible work options (staggered work hours, flextime, others) and telecommuting as needed according to the spread of infections.

Sharp has also acted on the pandemic in other fields.

Manufacturing Face Masks

In the hope of contributing to society in the Covid-19 crisis, Sharp decided to produce face masks in February 2020 in response to the Japanese government’s request. Production began in March 2020 at our factory in Taki, Mie Prefecture, after quick preparations.

Our masks were later made available to consumers as well at the online store of Sharp Cocoro Life Inc. Our effort has been appreciated by many, making us realize that we have been able to contribute to the safety and security of society through mask production and sales.

Mask production line

Mask production line

Helping to Make New Lifestyles Possible

Temporary school closures and teleworking rapidly expanded as infections spread, urging people to shift to a new lifestyle.

To support schools and companies in this move, Sharp Marketing Japan Corporation’s Business Solutions Company offered three services convenient and useful for online learning and teleworking for free for a limited time.

  1. Interactive Study, a personal learning support system, and Super Interactive School, a set of online learning materials from Shingakukai, available for free to elementary and middle schools under temporary closure until they reopen
  2. TeleOffice, a web conference system suited to teleworking environments, available for free until August 31, 2020 to those who signed up by June 30, 2020
  3. Network Print for Biz, a service in which users can print out their business documents from MFPs installed at about 30,000 convenience stores across Japan, available in a limited-time plan at no initial registration fees and basic service charge until September 30, 2020

Supporting the Education of People with Disabilities

Sharp has been promoting the employment of people with disabilities in various ways, including school visits, in which Sharp employees with disabilities visit special-needs schools as instructors. The need to prevent the spread of infections forced us to restrict some of the activities, but our instructors started to teach online in July 2020 in response to requests from school officials. This will continue until March 31, 2021.

Recording a video for online classes

Recording a video for online classes

Support Offered outside Japan

Sharp’s Indonesian production company SSI practiced CSR by donating a total of 90 units of personal protective equipment, including face masks, to healthcare professionals working at Dewi Sri Hospital in Karawang, UGM Hospital in Yogyakarta, and Regional General Hospital in Kebumen, Central Java Province.

Donating to a hospital

Donating to a hospital