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World Topics

Sharp Develops 3D Camera Module for Mobile Devices Capable of Capturing High-Definition 3D Video Images, an Industry First*1

On May 12, 2010, Sharp held a press conference in Osaka to present its new 3D camera module for mobile devices.

Sharp has developed a 3D camera module for mobile devices capable of capturing high-definition (720p*2) 3D video images, an industry first.

A scene from the press conference

The new 3D camera module incorporates functions to process the image data output by the left and right cameras, including Color Synchronizing Processing to adjust color and brightness, Timing Synchronizing Processing to synchronize the timing of the video signals, and Optical Axis Control Processing to correct positioning. In addition, Fast Readout Technology rapidly transfers video data from the image sensor, enabling 3D images to be captured in high-resolution HD mode.

Norihiro Hondo, Division General Manager, System Device Division I, explains the 3D camera module

A demonstration of the 3D camera module

3D camera module for mobile devices, capable of capturing high-definition images

In the future, Sharp will be opening up new 3D markets based on 3D display technologies, including small/medium-size and large-size 3D LCDs, as well as on 3D input device technologies such as 3D camera modules.

  • *1 As of May 12, 2010, for camera modules used in mobile devices.
  • *2 720 effective scanning lines (progressive scanning system). Resolution: 1280 H x 720 V pixels.

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