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World Topics

Dabut of AQUOS Quattron*1 LCD TVs with Four-Primary-Color Technology
Sharp Introduces AQUOS Quattron 3D LV Series and AQUOS Quattron LX/XF Series

On May 31, 2010, Sharp held a press conference in Tokyo to present its new AQUOS LCD TVs.

Sharp introduced four models in the new LV Series of 3D-compatible AQUOS Quattron 3D LCD TVs and four new high-image-quality models in the LX Series and two models in the XF Series of 2D AQUOS Quattron LCD TVs. All three series use four-primary-color technology.

Sharp developed four-primary-color technology based on its proprietary UV2A technology*2. This technology newly adds Y (yellow) to the three RGB (red, green, blue) primary colors, dramatically improving the ability to faithfully reproduce colors. In particular, it enables both 2D and 3D images to be reproduced with outstanding quality by vividly rendering colors such as brilliant yellow, brassy gold, and emerald green, which are difficult to reproduce using the three conventional primary colors.

The opening of the event

Executive Vice President Masafumi Matsumoto welcomes the press

Tsuneo Nakamura, Executive Officer and Group General Manager of the Audio-Visual Systems Group, explains the features of AQUOS Quattron 3D and AQUOS Quattron

A scene from the press conference

AQUOS Quattron New Product Exhibit

AQUOS Quattron 3D LV Series lineup

AQUOS Quattron LX Series lineup

AQUOS Quattron XF Series lineup

Sharp's Four One-of-a-Kind LCD Technologies (Technology Exhibit)

Three-primary-color vs. four-primary-color (brightness)

Three-primary-color vs. four-primary-color (vividness)

UV2A high-speed-response LCD

FRED technology*3

Scanning LED backlight technology*4

Comparison with a conventional 3D LCD

Product Applications Section

AQUOS now comes in 3D models

AQUOS can be networked for even greater enjoyment

AQUOS Blu-ray and AQUOS Audio lineup

  • *1 Quattron is a combination of the word "quattro" meaning "four" in Italian, and the word "electron" in English. The use of four primary colors is a concept designed for LCDs, and differs from the conventional three-primary-color concept of light and color.
  • *2 Abbreviation of Ultraviolet induced multi-domain Vertical Alignment. Photo-alignment technology that can precisely control the alignment of liquid crystal molecules using a manufacturing method based on UV light exposure.
  • *3 Abbreviation of "Frame Rate Enhanced Driving." LCD signal processing technology for 3D television.
  • *4 Technology to control crosstalk generation based on switching the backlight on and off at high speed, and dividing the LCD panel into a number of regions where the brightness of the backlight is independently controllable.

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