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World Topics

6th Eco-products International Fair Exhibition Report

Sharp's exhibition space

Sharp Corporation exhibited at the 6th Eco-products International Fair held in Jakarta, Indonesia over four days from March 4 through 7, 2010.

The Eco-products International Fair is the largest exhibition of its type in Asia, organized primarily by the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), and has been held annually since 2004 with member countries taking turns hosting the event. This year's exhibition was jointly organized by the APO, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN), and the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration (MOMT). A record 164 companies and organizations mounted exhibits, and approximately 90,000 visitors attended the fair during its four-day run.

Many visitors stopped by Sharp's booth, and we are grateful for their interest.

Solar Concept Models

At the entrance to the Sharp booth, models of a Solar House, Solar Town, and Solar Buildings were on display. These concept models represent a vision for a green society in the near future, and attracted the interest of many visitors.

Solar House model

Solar Town and Solar Buildings models

Solar Panels

Solar modules were also on display, including panels incorporating polycrystalline and thin-film solar cells, as well as see-through thin-film cells. Interested visitors were also able to use a computer simulator to calculate the size and cost of solar modules needed for various configurations of residential photovoltaic power systems.

Sharp solar modules

Simulator for photovoltaic power systems

LED Lighting

This area featured reference models of LED lamps, along with usage examples. Color-adjustable and dimmable models that allow consumers to use a remote control to change the brightness and color of the light were popular. Reference models of LED street lights and crime deterrence lighting fixtures were also on display.

LED lamp display

LED street lights and crime deterrence lighting fixtures

Energy-Saving Products

This area highlighted the Sharp energy-saving products available in Indonesia, in particular, the LED AQUOS that features high image quality and low energy consumption thanks to a next-generation LCD panel with LED backlight. Air conditioners, a refrigerator, and Plasmacluster Ion generators were also on display, and a model of a solar-powered billboard installed in downtown Jakarta was also featured in this space.

LED AQUOS models

Model of solar-powered billboard, plus air conditioners, a refrigerator, and Plasmacluster Ion products

Environmental Technologies

In this space, Sharp introduced its proprietary technology for recycling plastic materials. This original technology enables plastic recovered from appliances that have reached the end of their service life to be repeatedly recycled and reused in components for new home appliances.

Closed-loop plastic material recycling technology

Solar Application Products

Examples of solar application products were on display, including mobile phones equipped with solar modules, a portable solar-powered LED lamp, and photovoltaic power systems designed for regions without access to utility-supplied electricity.

Solar application products

Business Equipment

This area featured Sharp business equipment, including reference models of solar-powered calculators adopting recycled plastic for their cabinets, a digital MFP equipped with a Plasmacluster Ion generator, and a 60-inch professional LCD monitor.

Business equipment display

Environmental and Social Contribution Activities

A wall of 100 photos introduced visitors to the many environmental and social contribution activities in Indonesia in which Sharp is involved through P.T. Sharp Electronics Indonesia (SEID).

Photo wall showing environmental and social contribution activities

Sharp History

This display area illustrated Sharp's long history of "making things" based on superior manufacturing and technological competency.

Sharp history display

Solar Car

A short video profiled the superb effort of the Tokai University team in winning the Global Green Challenge, one of the world's largest solar car races, driving a solar car equipped with Sharp compound solar cells.

Solar car display

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