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World Topics

Sharp Introduces a Total of Four E17 Compact LED Lamps and E26 Globe LED Lamps

On January 20, 2010, Sharp Corporation held a conference in Tokyo to announce the introduction of new LED Lamp models into the Japanese market.

Sharp introduced two E17 Compact LED Lamps and two E26 Globe LED Lamps for a total of four new models in two new categories. Sharp is adding these four new models to nine models of E26-base general illumination LED lamps introduced in 2009, boosting its line-up to a total of 13 LED lamps.

The E17-base compact models use Sharp's proprietary LED devices and are based on high-density surface mounting technology to achieve a compact size with a brightness nearly equivalent to Sharp's existing E26-base LED lamps (Sharp models DL-L40AN/L).

In addition, the E26-base globe models feature even surface illumination with brightness in an attractive globe design. All of these new models are dimmerable to allow users to select the lighting level they desire.

A scene from the Tokyo press conference

Executive Officer and Group General Manager, Health and Environment Systems Group, Kozo Takahashi introduces new LED lamps

New models of Sharp LED lamps

LED lamp lineup

E17 Compact LED Lamps and two E26 Globe LED Lamps

LED lamp installation examples

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