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World Topics

Verified in Collaboration with Retroscreen Virology Ltg.*1 of the UK
Higher Concentrations of Plasmacluster Ions®*2 Boost Virus Inactivation and Elimination, Inhibit 99.9% of Airborne H5N1 Avian Influenza ("Bird Flu") Virus

The following is an overview of the presentation on Plasmacluster Ion technology held on August 28, 2008 in Shanghai, China.

Sharp Corporation, working in collaboration with Retroscreen Virology Ltd. founded by Professor John S. Oxford of the University of London, UK, has demonstrated that Plasmacluster Ions (PCIs) inactivate and eliminate the airborne, highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza virus by 99.9% in ten minutes at an ion concentration of approximately 50,000 ions/cm3 in a box having a volume of 1 m3. In 2005, Sharp and Retroscreen Virology previously verified that Plasmacluster Ions inactivate and eliminate the same virus by 99% in ten minutes at a concentration of approximately 7,000 ions/cm3. Now, the use of Plasmacluster Ions in higher concentrations has been proven to inhibit infection in cells at an even higher rate.

Dr. Robert Lambkin-Williams, Managing Director of Retroscreen Virology Ltd. announces the verified data

Executive Officer Ihori, Group General Manager of the Health and Environment Systems Group, explained the orientation of Sharp's R&D.

At the presentation

High-concentration Plasmacluster Ion generator

Experimental setup

  • *1 The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) Principles of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) is a set of standards intended to ensure the generation of high-quality and reliable test data through periodic reviews of operational organization and management, test apparatus and materials, study designs, internal audit controls, quality assurance systems, test data, etc., at all test facilities. Re-certification is required every three years.
  • *2 Plasmacluster and Plasmacluster Ions are trademarks of Sharp Corporation.

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