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World Topics

January 20, 2010
Sharp, Enel Green Power, and STMicroelectronics Announce Joint Ventures for Thin-Film Solar Cell Production and IPP Business

Sharp Corporation (hereinafter "Sharp"), Enel Green Power (hereinafter "EGP"), and STMicroelectronics (hereinafter "STM") jointly announced the Sharp/EGP/STM establishment of a joint venture company for thin-film solar cell production*1 and a Sharp/EGP joint venture for the establishment of an IPP (Independent Power Producer) business*2 to serve mainly Europe.

Sharp Chairman & CEO Katsuhiko Machida, EGP CEO Fulvio Conti, and STM President and CEO Carlo Bozotti announced the details in Rome, Italy.

In the Sharp/EGP/STM joint venture involving thin-film solar cell production, Sharp will provide technical assistance for starting initial operations and introducing production processes along with technical support for the plant. In the Sharp/EGP joint venture, Sharp will apply its leading-edge thin-film solar cell technology in the IPP business, which is gaining importance in line with the environmental and energy policies of European countries.

  • *1 Joint venture for thin-film solar cell production:
    After establishing their joint venture company, Sharp, EGP, and STM will set up a plant in Catania Province, Sicily Region, Italy. The plant will start operations in early 2011 with an initial annual production capacity of 160 MW. Plans call for the annual production capacity to be expanded to 480 MW in the future. The three companies will make equal investments of up to 70 million euros. The thin-film solar cells produced at the plant will be marketed through Sharp and EGP sales channels, mainly in European and Mediterranean countries.
  • *2 Joint venture for the IPP business:
    Sharp and EGP will establish the Solar Farm S.r.l (hereinafter "ESSF") joint venture company and will construct multiple power generation plants with a total power generation capacity of more than 500 MW by the end of December 2016. ESSF will initiate IPP business in Mediterranean countries, including Italy, France, and Spain, utilizing the thin-film solar cells produced at the Catania plant.

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