The Sharp Code of Conduct

In order for the Sharp Group companies (Sharp Corporation, its subsidiaries, and affiliated companies in which Sharp Corporation holds a controlling interest) to put the content of The Sharp Group Charter of Corporate Behavior into practice in our daily business activities, and thereby fulfill our social responsibility as members of the global society, "all directors, officers and employees of the Sharp Group companies" (hereinafter called "we") will perform our respective tasks in conformance with the code of conduct below in all business activities.

Ⅰ. Practice of Fair and Open Management
1. To Practice Legal Compliance, Ethical Business Conduct, and Fair and Impartial Management
2. To Prevent Corruption in all its forms
3. To Handle Contributions, Gifts and Political Donations Fairly and Appropriately
Ⅱ. Enhancement of Customer Satisfaction
1. To Create and Supply Innovative, Original Products and Services that Meet Every Needs of Customers
2. To Ensure the Safety, Quality and Reliability of Products and Services
3. To Gain the Trust of Customers and Ensure Their Satisfaction
Ⅲ. Disclosure of Relevant Information / Protection and Security of Information
1. To Disclose Relevant Information in a Timely and Appropriate Manner
2. Information Protection
Ⅳ. Contribution to Conservation of the Global Environment
1. To Conserve the Environment
2. To Develop Environmentally Conscious Products and Services, and Conduct Our Business Operations in an Environmentally Conscious Manner
Ⅴ. Sound, Equitable Economic Activities
1. To Engage in Fair and Free Competition and Provide Our Customers with High-Quality, Reasonably Priced Products and Services
2. Not To Engage in Unfair Competitive Acts
3. To Respect Intellectual Property Rights
4. To Fully Comply With Export and Import Control
5. To Practice Fair and Appropriate Purchasing Activities
6. Not To Engage in Insider Trading
Ⅵ. Respect for Human Rights
Ⅶ. Creating a Safe, Fair, Motivating Work Environment
Ⅷ. Harmony with the Community
Ⅸ. Implementation of The Sharp Code of Conduct
1. Administrative System
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