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Sharp History

1955-1958 : Strengthens Manufacturing / Sales Organization

Comprehensive Production and Sales Systems

Monthly Production Reaches 5,000 Units

Japan's economic expansion came in 1955, which brought a level of prosperity unprecedented in the country's history. Ten years after the end of World War Ⅱ, the nation enjoyed stability and its standard of living approached the level of other industrialized nations. The number of TV license holders topped the 100,000 mark. Hayakawa was producing 5,000 televisions per month, which were selling like hot cakes.

New Head Office and Tokyo Branch

In 1956 there were "three sacred treasures" in Japan: the washing machine, the refrigerator and the television. As output of Sharp products continued to grow, the company constructed separate plants for electroplating and assembly of home electrical products at its Hirano Plant in Osaka. The company also began a new head office building and a Tokyo branch office.

Sharp Electric Co. Established

Foreseeing intensified competition, Sharp Electric Co. was established by Hayakawa Electric Industry Co., Ltd. as a wholesaling subsidiary with a nationwide network of sales outlets.

In 1957, the Hirano No. 2 Plant was built in Osaka to produce home electrical products.

Sharp "Friend Shops"

The company began setting up independent regional sales subsidiaries across Japan in 1958. The Sharp "Friend Shop System" was launched so that stores could cooperate in marketing, promotion, advertising and market development.

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