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Sharp History

2003 : Expanding Production of System LCDs

Begins Production of System LCDs for Devices Such as Mobile Phones and PDAs

The shift to high-resolution LCDs for mobile devices is progressing extremely rapidly, and Sharp began full-scale production of System LCDs, which enable an ultra-high-resolution display on a par with photogravure printing.

Sharp successfully formed a CPU (Z80*) on the glass substrate of an LCD, demonstrating that circuitry having a myriad of functions could be built onto the substrate.

  • * The Z80 is an 8-bit microprocessor developed by ZiLOG, Inc., in 1976. Sharp began manufacturing this CPU under license in 1977. It was the dominant CPU chip used in 8-bit PCs at that time. Z80 is a trademark of ZiLOG, Inc.

Practical Application of Closed-Loop Recycling Technology for Waste Plastic

Sharp developed and put into practical use a technology to enable the repeated recycling and reuse of waste plastic as material for use in new products (air conditioners, TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.), an industry first. This technology met with a tremendous response as a revolutionary environmental technology that will contribute to achieving a resource-recycling society.

3D Consortium Established with the Goal of Creating a 3D Market

With the support of equipment manufacturers, software/content developers, system developers, broadcasters, and academic institutions, the 3D Consortium was established with the goal of advancing the development and widespread use of equipment and content related to 3D (stereoscopic) displays, and to work to expand the market for 3D and improve the industry.

Develops a Series of Unique, One-of-a-Kind LCDs for Mobile Devices

Sharp developed the Mobile Advanced Super View LCD and LCD Panel Speakers for portable devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, and digital cameras. The Mobile Advanced Super View LCD represents a breakthrough in high-resolution displays, making it possible to attain crisp, clear images with super-wide viewing angles. The LCD Panel Speakers integrally formed audio circuitry on the glass substrate of a System LCD panel. Both of these technologies received high ratings as technologies to enable simultaneously high-resolution image display and high-quality audio without the need for external speaker components

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