1936 - 1937

Developing a New Conveyor, Striving for Production Efficiency

It had been in Tokuji’s nature to constantly pursue greater efficiencies in work, and ever since he founded the company, he had focused his energies on efficient production based on mechanization and assembly-line operations. What could be termed the culmination of this effort was the invention of the intermittent belt conveyor system introduced into the radio factory. In this intermittent belt conveyor system, a work platform connected to a belt moves in front of workers at a fixed time interval, stopping only during the work task. This innovation enabled radios to be assembled efficiently without placing a burden on workers. This groundbreaking system was granted a utility model patent, but Tokuji would openly show it to visitors touring the factory. This was because he felt that, if this technology could be exploited on a widespread basis, it might be able to revitalize factories and also reduce the burden on workers.