1937 - 1945

Even in Wartime, Constantly Striving for Business Continuity

In 1937, Japan and China plunged into an all-out war, and during this period, events began to move inexorably toward the Pacific War. In wartime, various controls were imposed on goods and materials, and radios were no exception. On the other hand, people wanted news about the course of the war, and demand for radios increased. It was a situation in which entire industries continued to produce while battling shortages of materials. Against such a background, under Tokuji’s direction, they were able to meet burgeoning demand by efficiently manufacturing radios in a way that conserved materials to the maximum extent possible; for example, by devising innovative circuitry and eliminating the use of transformers. In addition, for the survival of the business and to protect the lives of employees, he also fulfilled requests from the government to produce radios for military aircraft, and continued to struggle hard.