Opening a Day-Care Center to See the Smiles of Children Opening the Ikutoku-en Nursery School

In 1954, Tokuji used his personal funds to open the Ikutoku-en nursery school at a location near the company. In 1952, he visited the United States on business, and was deeply impressed with the country’s progress in social welfare. In particular, he learned of women’s advancement in working outside the home, and the tremendous help that childcare facilities could provide for that. After he returned to Japan, he immediately set about constructing a nursery school. Recalling his own circumstances as a child when he had few advantages, his idea was to provide a playground and day-care facility for the children of families where both parents worked, and for single-parent children, with the desire to bring them joy and happiness, even if only in small measure. During breaks in his busy work schedule, Tokuji would visit Ikutoku-en and spend time with the children where he was recognized as a beloved principal.