1954 -

Business Friends Across the Sea Ultimately Become Friends Dedicated to Service

When Tokuji was planning to manufacture TVs, his contact at RCA, which became his technology partner, was the Far East Manager, H. A. Strauss (later, a Vice President). He was a good business partner from the outset, and based on mutual respect and admiration, their friendship continued to deepen as the years rolled on. Mr. and Mrs. Strauss, who were Japanophiles, soon became close family friends of Tokuji. Before long, the relationship took on a new dimension in that every year in the autumn, they would come to Japan accompanied by numerous suitcases, and would deliver Christmas gifts to the Ikutoku-en nursery school where Tokuji served as principal. The strong bonds between these individuals from different countries and whose language and cultures were so different reflected their sincere desire to see smiles on the children’s faces. Their relationship lasted for more than 20 years.