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Technical Journal No.4 (August 2001)
Special Papers
Development of a Super-High-Definition TFT LCD
(28-inch QSXGA)

Atsushi BanAtsuhito MuraiTakafumi Kawaguchi
Atsushi FujisawaMasato Onoue

A 28-inch QSXGA super-high-definition TFT LCD having 5.24 million pixels (2560 x RGB x 2048) has been developed. The display has great abilities in representation of images: high resolution of more than 2000 scanning lines, large size of 28" diagonal, and 24-bit full color. In addition, a digital interface has been adopted to realize the reproduction of images without any noises. The display was developed based on demands for super-high-definition applications such as digital archives, medical images, air traffic control systems, and so on. This paper explains the technology for the super-high-definition TFT LCD.

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