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Technical Journal No.4 (April 2003)
Special Papers 2 AQUOS LCD TV
Environmental Consciousness in Designing LCD TV AQUOS

Hitoshi OheSatoshi Hashimoto

The 21st century has started up as a century of the environmental consciousness. In this regard, many aspects of activities for environmental preservation are going on, such as world-wide trends in legislation, changes in either enterprise operations or individual life styles. Consumer appliance makers are also obliged to do the best efforts to develop superior environmentally conscious products. SHARP, the world's top manufacturer of LCD television sets, has already fully committed to this issue through developing products those stand out in the electronic industry. This report introduces the eco-friendly measures adopted in the industry-NO.1 LCD TV "AQUOS".
1. "Green material" technology: which leads to the abolition and/or reduction of harmful chemical substances.
2. Processing and using technology for recycled materials: which contributes to building up a circulation type society.
3. Design technology for recycling, easy to disassemble and/or to separate.

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