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Corporate Governance
Internal Control Systems

(As of August 2020)
Ongoing Development of the Internal Control System

In May 2006, the Board of Directors passed a resolution to adopt a basic policy related to the development of systems necessary to ensure the properness of business (Basic Policy for Internal Control), which was partially amended in August 2020. This amended policy forms the basis for Sharp’s ongoing development and implementation of its internal control system. The Internal Control Committee, which is an advisory body to the Board of Directors, deliberates on basic policies regarding internal controls and internal audits, as well as the development and implementation status of various measures related to the internal control system, then make a decision about what to report on or discuss with the Board of Directors. The department promoting internal controls on a company-wide basis oversees the internal controls of the business execution departments. Meanwhile the Internal Audit Division makes concrete proposals on how to improve business operations and reinforces internal controls by checking the validity of business execution as well as the appropriateness and efficiency of management.

To enhance compliance throughout the group, Sharp introduced the Sharp Group Charter of Corporate Behavior, a set of principles to guide corporate behavior, and the Sharp Code of Conduct, which clarifies the conduct expected of all directors, corporate auditors, executive officers and employees of Sharp. Sharp ensures that these guidelines are thoroughly observed by posting them on the Web and carrying out position-specific training programs. Based on the basic rules of compliance, Sharp is also developing a company-wide compliance promotion system. Meanwhile, Sharp is implementing thorough measures to prevent compliance breaches by informing a Sharp Group Compliance Guidebook on website to all employees and implementing training based on the guidebook.

In order to comprehensively and systematically deal with diverse business risk, Sharp formulated the Business Risk Management Guideline to achieve prevention of and swift responses to risk.

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