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September 24, 2019

Sharp on Show at CEATEC 2019

Offering State-of-the-Art Smart Living and 8K Signage Solutions

Sharp Corporation will take part in CEATEC 2019, which is being held at the Makuhari Messe convention center (Mihama-ku, Chiba, Japan) from October 15 to 18 (Tuesday to Friday).

Visitors to Sharp's booth will be treated to a demonstration of state-of-the-art smart living. This will take the form of collaborations between Sharp smart home appliances (COCORO+ Home Appliances) and Sharp services, along with connection with other companies' services. Sharp will also introduce its AIoT Platform, which it is making broadly available to other equipment manufacturers and service providers. The booth will also introduce Sharp's role in the Life Up Promotion project. This project emerged from a 2018 subsidy program run by Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI), which aims to promote cyber/physical integration in living spaces.

Products at the Sharp booth include large displays, such as a 120-inch 8K LCD monitor (one of the world's largest*) and a 90-inch see-through display. These products are designed as business signage solutions to be used in offices and commercial venues.

Visitors can experience smart living in the home as well as innovations in business settings—all made possible through Sharp's vision of “Changing the world with 8K + 5G and AIoT”.

  • * As of September 24, 2019; for a display comprising a single 8K LCD panel; based on Sharp research.

Location of Sharp Booth

Booth E002, Hall 2, Smart X Zone

Sharp's CEATEC Booth (image)

Exhibit Highlights

1. Ideas for smart living, made possible through collaborations between COCORO LIFE services and other companies' services

Sharp's COCORO HOME smart living app connects Sharp's COCORO LIFE services (such as COCORO KITCHEN and COCORO WASH) with the services of other companies. Collaborations like this make household chores less of a burden and allow people to spend more quality time with their family.
Visitors can also experience a service that lets users keep an eye on vulnerable family members by tracking their use of home appliances. This service is part of Sharp's contribution to the Life Up Promotion consortium sponsored by METI.

2. AIoT Platform

The AIoT Platform has a proven track record in Sharp's COCORO+ Home Appliances. To speed up the adoption of smart living, Sharp is making the platform broadly available to other companies. The booth will introduce features of the AIoT Platform, including an AIoT Module that prepares non-Sharp products for IoT and voice recognition. Sharp will also share ideas for using data from home appliances to create new businesses.

3. Signage solutions centered on 8K technology (reference exhibit)

Sharp will present signage solutions that meet various use cases. Products include a 120-inch 8K LCD monitor (one of the world's largest) and a 60-inch 4K display. Four of the 60-inch displays can be combined to create a single multi-screen display equivalent to a 120-inch 8K display. There will also be a 90-inch see-through display with a transmissive LCD panel. This can be used in show windows; people can look through it to see products on display while checking information on the screen.

4. Conferences

Sharp will hold seminar-type conferences in a dedicated space in its booth. Topics include Sharp's AIoT Platform and COCORO LIFE services, alliances with other companies, and services that make use of usage data collected from Sharp smart home appliances. Sharp will also share ideas on new signage solutions made possible by see-through displays. And it will also show how 8K technology can innovate business.

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