Purchasing Procedures

The procedure for starting business with Sharp

Based on our “Basic Purchasing Principles”, Sharp Group provides open and fair opportunities for all the suppliers and potential suppliers worldwide, and conducts purchasing activities through fair evaluations.

This site shows an overview of the procedure for starting business with Sharp Group.

Important Points for Procurement Procedures

Proposal to Sharp

If your company wants to do business with Sharp Group, we would like you to check the production items and location in advance on Sharp official website, and product catalogs, etc., and decide what your company wants to introduce and sell to us.

It is very important to appeal your company's quality, price, technical features and service advantages.

The purchasing department at our domestic and overseas production bases will be the contact window for suppliers and potential suppliers.

Initial Meeting

Please prepare for the following materials for the initial meeting;

  • (i) Company profile, Product catalog
  • (ii) Data showing your competitiveness for your desired transaction items

Initial Study

We will study the items we are interested in, in terms of price, delivery, and after-sales service, etc.

Quotation and Sample Submission

We will check such various points as your company's price competitiveness, quality, and technical capabilities.

We will conclude a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in advance, if necessary, so that both parties do not disclose any confidential information that has been obtained through the meeting and/or evaluation process to the third party.

Any feedback on our reviews will be given to your company.

Evaluation / Certification

We will evaluate and certify the submitted samples.

Factory Audit

We will visit your factory and confirm whether your production process, management system, safety and hygiene, and environmental protection, etc. are appropriate.

Final Evaluation

We will comprehensively evaluate quality, price, technical capabilities, production/delivery flexibility, supply capabilities, after-sales service, future growth, etc., and finally decide whether the business can be started with us.

Transaction Preparation / Account Opening

If the overall evaluation results in a success, we will conclude a Basic Purchase Agreement, and Quality Assurance Agreement, etc. with your company.

After signing these agreement / contracts and opening an account, your company will be registered as Sharp's supplier and ready to do business with us.