Ion Density Ion Density
The higher the ion density, the greater the effect. Showing the ion density on products is proof of our confidence in Plasmacluster.
Ion Density

  • Measuring ion density with an ion counter

There’s a reason why we show the appropriate floor space
for each Plasmacluster product.

Since the introduction of the first air purifiers equipped with Plasmacluster technology in 2000, we’ve expanded the Plasmacluster product range to include air conditioners, car ion generators, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and numerous other products that meet the needs of specific environments. Each of these products is designed to efficiently raise the density of Plasmacluster ions to match the actual usage situation. We are the only company that measures the ion density and notes the appropriate floor space. We believe it’s important that our painstakingly developed products be used in the appropriate setting so that users get maximum benefits.

Sharp is the only company showing the appropriate floor space for its air purifying technology.
  • The number of positive (+) and negative (–) ions counted per 1 cm³ in the middle of the room (1.2 meters above the floor), with the product placed by the wall.


Sharp proprietary technology allows higher density.

The keys to spreading Plasmacluster ions efficiently throughout the room are the ion generating unit and the power of the airflow. The trick is to figure out a way to efficiently place Plasmacluster ions in the flow of air released from the product so that they can be dispersed over a wide area. Sharp engineers have calculated the position of the ion generating unit and the airflow movement to create a seamless product design.

Ion Generating Unit

This unit generates high density of Plasmacluster ions. The first-generation ion generating unit used a glass tube for the electrode. As the number of Plasmacluster technology products has grown, the ion generating unit has evolved to become smaller, more energy efficient, and capable of releasing higher density of ions.

(PHOTO)Ion Generating Unit

Placing the Ion Generating Unit in the Path of the Wind

The ion generating unit is placed in the path of the air current generated by the fan. The instant Plasmacluster ions are generated, they are efficiently placed in the airflow and sent into the room.

(IMAGE)Airflow Technology to Efficiently Deliver Ions

Airflow Technology to Efficiently Deliver Ions

Thanks to airflow technology that sends wind across the entire room, Plasmacluster ions reach to the far end of even spacious areas like a living room.

(IMAGE)Ions reach across the entire room.