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Quick-Smart Document Solution for Simply Better Business

Bring new business opportunities into focus with the swift and versatile MX-M6050/M5050/M4050/M3550/M3050. This high-performing black-and-white MFP comes with a generous array of options, so you can customise it with the advanced functions your office needs. Sharing the same design concept and user-friendly UI of Sharp’s latest colour MFPs, the MX-M6050/M5050/
M4050/M3550/M3050 lets you produce, manage, and share high-quality documents with ease. Use it as an all-in-one solution or connect it to an MFP network. Either way, it works as a rock-solid everyday document solution.

Home screen

Simply Better Process

Business owners / directors

Transform the way you use information in your business by connecting one of these new MFPs to a variety of mobile devices and cloud services. Now you don’t have to be confined to the office—you and your team can work anytime, anywhere. The amazing flexibility of these Sharp MFPs can help you grab new business opportunities and boost your bottom line.

Simply Better Experience

Office users

Sharp’s proprietary technologies give each of these MFPs quick warm-up and first copy times. Thanks to their intuitive operation, quick recovery from standby, and superb usability, these MFPs simplify even the most complex work processes and help you finish document jobs fast.

Simply Better Admin

IT managers / administrators

These MFPs fit securely and seamlessly into your office system. An advanced security environment and easily viewable administration tools reduce the workload for system administrators and give full support to their management duties.

Key Features