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Sharpdesk is a comprehensive document management solution that allows you to seamlessly handle computer files as well as scanned documents and images. Using Sharpdesk’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can collect, store, organise, view, edit, modify, print, and distribute documents within a single application. It can be smoothly integrated with an MFP, a file server, or both. This allows departments and teams to use it as a simple workflow application that facilitates information sharing and collaboration. Sharpdesk promises to revolutionise your business.

Sharpdesk main screen

Collecting and Storing

Digitise paper documents and manage them along with other file data

Sharpdesk streamlines the scanning and filing of paper documents. Allocating space on a network drive allows you to find, edit, and modify files stored in shared folders—whether they’re on a file server, a NAS*, or your own computer.

  • * NAS: Network attached storages

Document Organising and Viewing

Automatic Scheduled Backups

Documents can be automatically sorted into location-specific folders. Within these folders are automatically created subfolders corresponding to the year, month, day, or hour the document was scanned.

Simple File Renaming

With the Rename [Prefix] and [Postfix] functions, a character string can be appended at the beginning or end of a file name. Without opening a file, you can confirm its content or status by looking at its file name.

Thumbnails and Previews for Easy File Identification

Thumbnails of scanned images and computer files can be displayed to make it easier to check and organise files. Files can be quickly previewed to verify their content without opening them*.

  • * Software supporting each file type must be installed in order to use this function.

Document Editing and Modifying

Sharpdesk allows you to straighten misaligned PDFs and image files and ensure that all pages are correctly oriented. Files can be stamped with an original image or with common terms such as “Confidential” or “Approved.” The annotation function lets you insert text, handwritten comments, and highlighting before you save the file.

Document Printing and Distribution

Documents can easily be faxed or emailed

Selected documents can be faxed by PC-fax, attached to emails, processed via OCR, or printed by simply dragging and dropping them onto the appropriate icon in the output zone. You can also register extra optional applications.

High-performance OCR

Scanned images and text extracted and converted from existing files can be saved as a PDF or Office Open XML (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX) file. Built-in dictionaries support 193 languages, including English, Spanish, and Malay. These can be supplemented by customised dictionaries containing proper nouns added by users to improve character recognition.

Combining Pages Using Sharpdesk Composer*

Use Sharpdesk Composer to combine documents in different file formats and then edit and output them as a single file. For example, pages can be extracted from Microsoft Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint® documents and then combined, rotated, sorted, printed, and saved as a PDF file. There’s no need to launch multiple applications and cut out or copy numerous pages. It’s a great way to streamline your workflow.

  • * Software supporting each file type must be installed in order to use this function.

Easy MFP Integration

With Sharpdesk or the Network Scanner Tool, it’s easy to find Sharp MFPs connected to the network. You can use checkboxes to select MFPs and a scan destination. You can set scan parameters for all of the MFPs at once. And you can view documents (such as faxes) that are stored on any of the MFPs.* Take advantage of the seamless working environment you get through the synergy of Sharp software and MFPs.

Sharpdesk Document Workflow

Key Features

Digitise paper documents and manage them along
with other file data
  • Streamlines the scanning and filing of paper documents digitally
  • Automatic scheduled backups
  • Simple file renaming
  • Thumbnails and previews for easy file identification
  • Edit and modify misaligned PDFs and image files

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Enjoy intuitive control with simple drag-and-drop operation
  • Documents can easily be faxed or emailed
  • High-performance OCR
  • Combining pages using Sharpdesk Composer

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Use built-in tools to improve workflow and streamline operations
  • Easy MFP integration
  • Sharpdesk document workflow

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