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About SHARP Technology
About SHARP Technology
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In locations such as factories, restricted space and power consumption limitations are important issues for display devices. There are enormous demand for compact LCDs, but it can be difficult to overcome the requirements imposed by harsh environments, such as resistance to vibration or temperature extremes. Sharp's Strong LCDs employ new mounting and drive technology, liquid crystal capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures, and backlights designed to provide an extended service life. These TFT LCDs are capable of standing up to physical shocks, vibrations, and variations in temperature. They provide a high degree of reliability in punishing environments, such as applications in manufacturing or distribution.

Simplified Design for Better Reliability

The total number of component parts has been reduced considerably through consolidation and integration, allowing for the use of smaller circuit boards. This provides excellent performance together with improved reliability.

Excellent Reliability in Spite of Shocks and Vibrations

Sharp has developed a module offering substantially better resistance to shocks and vibrations than conventional LCDs by reconfiguring the mechanical design and the usage of component parts. The ability to withstand surface pressure has also been improved in order to allow the displays to be used as touch panels.

Excellent reliability in spite of shocks and vibrations
Innovations in Liquid Crystal for Better Resistance to Temperature Extremes

The use of a specially developed new liquid crystal and optimization of the drive voltage results in the capability to function at a wide range of temperatures. This means that the Strong LCD can stand up even to punishing outdoor use.

Innovations in liquid crystal for better resistance to temperature extremes
Super Mobile LCDs
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