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About SHARP Technology
About SHARP Technology
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Advanced TFT LCDs – Advanced Super V LCDs

Continuous grain (CG) silicon* provides startlingly fast electron transfer rates in comparison to the amorphous silicon used in conventional LCD panels. CG silicon was used to develop Sharp's “System LCD”, which features higher resolution than a CRT as well as a ground-breaking design in which the panel's peripheral circuits and functional elements are integrated into the panel itself. This revolutionary LCD panel combines high resolution, excellent reliability, stunning display performance and low power consumption in a thin, light, compact package. This breakthrough in LCD technology heralds major changes in mobile devices.

A High-resolution Display, over 200 ppi

The rapid electron transfer rate creates better resolution and definition than ever before possible.
At over 200 ppi, it is clearer than a CRT and capable of supporting video.

Free on Three Sides, Narrow Frame Offers Great Design Potential

With the surrounding circuits and functional elements built into the LCD panel, screen-to-frame ratio is higher than ever and three sides are now free.
Besides making displays lighter and smaller, this offers new possibilities for TV set design.

Fewer Components Ensures Higher Reliability

Previous LCD panels were surrounded by a collection of integrated circuit chips—LSI ICs and others. Building these into the panel itself has vastly reduced the number of individual components.
This provides better performance and ensures higher reliability.

Fewer components ensures higher reliability



Example: Receive e-mail while watching TV. Superimposition is achieved through the combination of a high-performance TV screen driver with a low-power-consuming driver for displaying e-mail messages.


Enlarge (resolution change) function


Example: Switch the display resolution back and forth instantly on a PDA. Make small text legible, or view the entire document.

Enlarge (resolution change) function

* CG Sillicon: Continuous grain sillicon technology developed jointly with Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co. Ltd.

Advanced TFT LCDs – Advanced Super V LCDs
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