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Mobile Phone System Solution: Example Case 1-1
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Covering a wide range of product lineups. Offering timely proposals and development that allow you to grab business opportunities
Solutions Covering a Wide Range of Product Lineups

In the case of company A, which holds an advantage in audio-video technology, they developed an extensive lineup from high-end to general-use models.
We proposed solutions to meet their requirements and offered cooperative support. They decided to use our Super Mobile LCDs, CMOS camera modules, infrared data communication devices for IrSimple, and 1-segment tuner / H.264 decoder modules.

An Organizational Development Structure that Holds to the Client's Development Schedule

Naturally company A valued our Super Mobile LCDs, which carry advantages such as high visibility, a wide viewing angle, and fast response speed, but they also valued SHARP's organizational development structure, which was able to keep up with their development schedule.
There are no second chances in the current competitive mobile phone market. As for LCD panels for mobile phones, in order to differentiate oneself from the competition, one must take for granted that the solution must be tailor-made to fit the client's needs. This is why it is absolutely vital to create development structures that follow the client's development schedule.

A solutions overview of devices related to visual information display
Reliable Supply and Technical Support Capability for Global Models

Sharp CMOS Camera Modules are utilized in global models. During the period when the demand for mobile phones with built-in cameras increased dramatically, we supplied millions of units so that company A was able to step up manufacturing dramatically to produce and launch their new models in a timely manner. The fact that our client was able to rely upon our support capability increased their confidence in Sharp.

Forecast for mobile phones with built-in cameras
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