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  • Sharp's official note wins the "Content Marketing Grand Prix 2022"
  • Sharp's official note wins the "Content Marketing Grand Prix 2022"

    ▲ Trophy for "Content Marketing Grand Prix 2022”

    Sharp's official note won the Grand Prix in the note contents category of the "Content Marketing Grand Prix 2022".

    The "Content Marketing Grand Prix" is jointly sponsored by the "Content Marketing Academy" operated by NIPPON SALES PROMOTION CENTER CO., LTD.. as a place to learn about content marketing, and the "Owned Media Study Group," a community for owned media operators, It is an award dedicated to content marketing. It has been held since 2021 with the aim of widely communicating and honoring owned media of companies and organizations.

    Sharp's official note, which won the Grand Prix, was established to express "like” which cannot be communicated through the homepage or news releases, and it features a series of articles on new businesses such as "IoT storage case for sanitary products," "kitchen appliances" including user contributions, and "AGV" unmanned guided vehicles.

    In awarding the prize, the judging panel gave the following recognition.

    【Rating Point】

    SHARP is so famous for its Twitter that we are used to its humorous atmosphere, so I was surprised in a good way by the "simple, honest, and approachable" type of note. The way the people in it transmit their thoughts and feelings in a frank and honest manner makes me want to support them as a consumer. I also like that they are taking on the challenge of running an EC for alcohol and cooking classes.

    Our company is working to solve many social problems, and we will introduce this initiative on our official note so that more people can learn about it. We will also work on developing contents that will make you "like”. We will continue to develop contents that will make our company more "like”.

    * note is a media platform where creators can post text, images, audio, and video, and everyone can enjoy and support their content. note launched its service in Japan in April 2014 and has 5.85 million members (as of November 2022).

    ●Click here for Sharp's official note:https://note.com/sharp