Case Study



Displaying homes in approximate real size with large-screen multi-display.
Creating a showroom to propose diverse products using images



Purpose of Implementation

Efficient work, Improved service, Enhanced image

Implemented product
Information displays

PN-R703 (70V-inch) x 1 unit, PN-V601A (60V-inch) x 9 units
PN-R603 (60V-inch) x 2 units, PN-Y436 (43V-inch) x 1 unit

Touch display [BIG PAD]

PN-L703B (70V-inch) x 1 unit, PN-L603B (60V-inch) x 5 units
PN-L602B (60V-inch) x 2 units, PN-L401C (40V-inch) x 3 units
e-Signage (contents delivery and display system) Network version
In November 2017, nine 60V-inch multi-display panels were implemented with wall-mounting and overhead suspension.




Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan (head office)
Established in 1973. Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.'s affiliate, which serves the Tochigi area, offers unit housing sales and design, and renovation services, etc. They have housing exhibit halls in 16 locations around the prefecture.

This is what we realized.
Challenges before implementation

With the previous explanation panels, it wasn't easy to fully convey the scale and quality of the home.
Issues with the exhibition space made it difficult to introduce diverse housing equipment and interior goods to the customer. We planned a new showroom that could introduce the qualities of our housing using realistic images.

  • The nine-panel multi-display,equivalent to a 180V-inch display, shows the house at an almost full-scale size. We can easily convey the actual image.
  • BIG PAD is also used to introduce the features of our homes and diverse products, such as housing equipment, with simple touch operations and videos.
  • With e-Signage, we can display the customer's names and welcome messages at their scheduled arrival time. This contributes to increased satisfaction.
Background of Implementation
We want to develop optimum proposals for individual conditions.

Until now, we used explanation panels to introduce products at our housing exhibits. It wasn't easy to fully convey the image of the installation, such as texture and scale, of products that were not actually displayed. In addition, the number of panels we could show was limited, so it was also difficult to propose optimal layouts, housing equipment, interior and exterior, etc., that suit individual scenarios such as new homes, rebuilding, and 2-family homes. When opening our new showroom, we wanted to create an experience based facility where customers could see the features of the residence with realistic images.

Hiroshi Arai,
Senior managing executive officer

Reasons for Selection
Experiencing multi-display at Sharp B to B showroom.
Convinced by the power of expression provided by the easy-to-view and detailed large screens.

We experienced the multi-display at the Sharp BtoB Showroom when we were considering large video equipment that could convey an image close to the actual size of the house to the customers. We were convinced by the expressive power of the large screens, the detailed videos showing the particulars, and the bright and easy-to-see displays. We also trusted the durability as backed up by the abundant implementation results. In addition, we learned that by using BIG PAD, we could introduce many products with videos using simple touch operations.

The almost full-scale displays convey the scale and atmosphere of the residence.

Effect after implementation
Customers can experience homes with realistic full-scale images. We can freely propose the products with BIG PAD touch operations.

By implementing the 9-panel multi-display, equivalent to a 180V-inch model, we were able to create an experience based showroom where images could be easily conveyed with almost full-scale images. The digital signage makes it easy to update contents when the products we are introducing are updated. With BIG PADs provided throughout the museum, we can propose the optimum housing equipment and materials to match our customers' needs. The signage at the entrance is used as a welcome board. We use e-Signage (contents delivery display system) to automatically display the customer's name at their scheduled arrival time, which leads to improved satisfaction.

(Left)Images introducing products matching customers' needs are displayed with touch operations.
(Right)Welcome board at the entrance displays the names of customers with reservations.

Future prospects
We will introduce signages at other housing exhibit halls to expand easy-to-understand display productions.

Our company currently has 16 housing exhibit halls, each of which is updated about every four years. We plan to implement digital signages when the facility is updated. We hope to expand our exhibit productions so we can convey our services and products to customers in a more straightforward manner.

A 70V-inch BIG PAD is installed in the kids' space. Kids can enjoy games, etc., while parents talk with a representative.

Issued February 2018