Case Study


Good Speed Co., Ltd.

Enhancing the store presentation with display arranged at center of meeting area Improving our brand force by distributing information with a variety of still and moving images


Car sales

Purpose of Implementation

Improved service, Improved image, Improved efficiency

Implemented product
Information display

PN-R556 (55-inch) x 4 units
e-Signage (contents delivery display system) network version Touch panel TSR5504G x 4 units (Minato Holdings brand)

Touch display "BIG PAD"

PN-L601B (60-inch) x 2 units
Implemented at Kasugai Branch meeting area in October 2017.

Good Speed Co., Ltd.

Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Established in 2003. Business is expanding mainly in the Tokai area as a used car specialist for SUVs and 4WDs.
Good Speed MEGA SUV Kasugai Branch, Kasugai, Aichi Prefecture (this solution)

This is what we realized.
Challenges before implementation

When we opened our largest flagship store, we wanted to improve our brand image by creating a store that would completely change the appearance of a conventional used car dealership. It was also essential for us to create an environment where customers with children could concentrate on business talk.

  • We installed a total of four 55-inch displays at the center of our meeting area. Those display were formed as an information tool which are visible from all seats.
  • Touch panels were incorporated so customers could freely access to information on cars and events.
  • BIG PAD was implemented in the Kids’ Corner. Kids-friendly content is delivered while parents concentrate on business talk.
Background of Implementation
Arranging displays at the center of the meeting area for stylish delivery of information.

We specialize in the sales of used SUVs and 4WDs and have been expanding our business in the Tokai area*. When we opened our largest flagship store, we aimed to create a café-like interior that would completely change the image of a conventional used car dealership. We also wanted to strengthen information delivery by placing displays over the catalog shelf at the center of the meeting area. We also introduced video tools for children to create an environment in which parents can take their time enough during business talk.
* The district in the middle of Honshu Island, Japan

Reasons for Selection
Inspired by case study at other companies in the same industry. Complete response to vertical mounting and use of touch panels.

The deciding factor in our decision to use Sharp’s products was an advertisement in an industry newspaper that featured a case study. We immediately called the phone number given to find out how a major car dealership was using the system.
We quickly decided to incorporate the BIG PAD for the Kids’ Corner. For the meeting area, however, we required the vertical mounting of a 55-inch display and touch operations. Sharp suggested using the non-touch panel display with a Minato Holdings touch panel, so we decided to implement this system.

Arranged on both sides at the store center to deliver information visible from every seat.

Effect after implementation
Information delivery tool is visible from every seat. Kids are fascinated with the impressive and popular BIG PAD.

Information on vehicles and events, etc., is displayed with still and moving images on the meeting area’s displays. The touch panels have improved our service as we can prepare contents for the customers to freely access. The popular BIG PAD in the Kids’ Corner delivers content for children to draw and touch. Some children have so much fun that they keep on playing even after the parents have finished talking to a sales rep.

Our website is displayed. Information can be accessed by touching the panel.

Future prospects
Sequentially implementing at other branches, and improving work effect with batch delivery from the head office.

Following the implementation of this system at our flagship store, we plan to introduce it at other stores. We hope to create more appealing content to improve our brand image. We will replace posters at existing stores with e-Signage and batch delivery information from the head office’s personal computers to eliminate the time lag in information among our store chain.

Kids-friendly content is displayed on BIG PAD at the Kids’ Corner.

Issued December 2017