Case Study


TOYOTA Mobility Tokyo Inc.

Installing displays throughout the store to update the image Improving customer satisfaction with a variety of information


(top)4-panel multi-display, equivalent to 110-inch display, in the waiting area
(bottom)Welcome board at the entrance displays the customer’s name and business


Automobile sales

Purpose of Implementation

mproved image, Improved efficiency, Improved service

Implemented product
Information display

PN-V551 (55-inch) x 4 units
PN-U553 (55-inch) x 3 units
PN-U473 (47-inch) x 3 units
LL-S242A (24-inch) x 6 units, etc.

Touch display "BIG PAD"

PN-L703B (70-inch) x 1 unit
PN-L603B (60-inch) x 1 unit
Implemented when Shinjuku Meiji-dori Ave. South Store was newly remodeled in November, 2015.

TOYOTA Mobility Tokyo Inc.

Minato City, Tokyo, Japan
Established in 2019. The main business is the sales and leasing of TOYOTA vehicles. This large-scale dealership sells all TOYOTA models at approx. 200 stores in Tokyo’s 23 cities and the eastern part of Tama.
Shinjuku Meiji-dori Ave. South Store/ Shinjuku City, Tokyo (this solution)

This is what we realized.
Challenges before implementation

We have been moving forward with the digitalization of catalogs and posters, etc., at each of our stores. To fully utilize these resources, we considered installing the latest displays at our flagship Shinjuku Meiji-dori Ave. South Store so that we could enhance the dissemination of information and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Improve service during waiting time by showing images of product promotion, inspection, and maintenance work in progress on 4-panel multi-display system.
  • The welcome board at the store entrance and the touch displays provided at the business tables enhance the dissemination of information throughout the store.
  • Augmented reality (AR) contents that move along with people’s movements are displayed at the Kids’ Corner. Parents can take their time when discussing transactions.
Background of Implementation
Remodeling and updating our store’s image.
Planning to improve customer satisfaction by using displays.

We were planning to remodel Shinjuku Meiji-dori Ave. South Store, our flagship store. Our concept was “deepening bonds with our customers,” and we aimed to improve customer satisfaction by making full use of displays. We had been promoting the digitization of catalogs and other materials and conducting business mainly on tablets. Still, we were challenged by how to share screens with family members during business meetings, etc. In addition, we put up posters with information on new vehicles and periodic inspection prices, but it was time-consuming to update them.

Takeshi Yoshioka, Section Manager
TOYOTA Mobility Tokyo Inc.
N-ReBORN Promotion Section
Business Improvement Group

Reasons for Selection
Experiencing a variety of installation methods and lineups at the showroom.
Impressed with batch control using e-Signage.

When we visited the Sharp showroom to select the displays, we were impressed by the fact that the display can be installed in a variety of ways, such as multiple screens, wrapped around pillars, or mounted on a stand. We also decided to adopt e-Signage (contents delivery/display system) as it allows us to operate the system centrally at the head office, reducing the burden on stores.

Images and the progress of inspection and maintenance work displayed on the 4-panel multi-screen enhance service while the customer is waiting

Effect after implementation
Services improved by showing images of vehicle being inspected and maintained. Smooth negotiations on touch panel display.

(1) A display showing customer’s names welcomes them at the store entrance.
(2) The 4-panel multi-screen in the waiting area enhances service during waiting times with product promotions and real-time displays of customers’ cars during inspection and maintenance and work progress.
(3) Discussions with multiple people are smooth by displaying digital catalogs on the display with touch panel provided at the business table.
(4) Augmented reality (AR) contents are displayed at the kids’ corner. Kids stay entertained while parents take their time negotiating.
(5) We also incorporated displays at the reception counter to provide various information as the periodic inspection prices and information on staff, and use BIG PAD during meetings in the backyard.

24-inch display with touch panel facilitates business negotiations

Future prospects
Sequentially implementing at other stores to improve customer satisfaction. Utilizing displays to quickly disseminate information.

The displays at our Shinjuku Meiji-dori Ave. South Store were our first phase of implementing displays. We are delighted with the enhanced customer satisfaction and improved work efficiency. We plan to implement the displays at our other stores so that we can speed up the dissemination of information, such as through the simultaneous delivery of new vehicle information to each store when a new model is released.

A 55-inch display is wrapped around the pillar at the Kids’ Corner. The augmented reality (AR) contents keep the children busy while their parents conduct their business.

Issued August 2016