Case Study



Creating a comfortable playing environment with glare-reducing LED floodlights. Emphasizing safety with even light distribution over the court and use of reinforced glass


Sports facility

Purpose of Implementation

Improved comfort, Improved service, Improved safety

Implemented product
LED lights

Floodlights for indoor sports facilities DL-EL28N-W x 28 units
Implemented at the tennis courts at Sports Club RENAISSANCE Oita, which opened in November 2018, and other facilities.


Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan (headquarters)
Established in 1979. RENAISSANCE promotes “health” with its various sports club facilities, including fitness clubs, swimming schools, tennis schools, and golf schools, located around Japan.
Sports Club RENAISSANCE Oita (this solution) / Oita City

This is what we realized.
Challenges before implementation

Lighting used at indoor tennis courts must be sufficiently bright to evenly light up the court. At the same time, glare must be reduced because players can lose sight of high balls if the light gets in their field of vision.

  • The outstanding light distribution control evenly lights the entire court. We realized a comfortable playing environment with high ball visibility.
  • The front glass on the floodlight is a milky color, making it easier to see the balls raised high.
  • While the ball could hit the floodlight, the safety of the reinforced glass specification is also highly evaluated.
Background of Implementation
The conditions were to ensure a sufficient brightness to evenly light up the courts and to suppress glare even if the lighting comes into players' sight.

The visibility of the ball is the primary point for lighting equipment used in indoor tennis courts. This not only affects the ease of play but is also essential for safety. While the lighting must be able to evenly light up the entire court without a significant contrast difference, it must not be too bright when it enters the vision of a player going after a high ball such as a lob shot.

(left)Sports Club RENAISSANCE Oita
Takayuki Mizumi, Manager
(right)Facility Development Dept., Development Team
Isao Igarashi, Section Manager

Reasons for Selection
Product development that followed our company’s requests for glare reduction and durable front glass, etc.

We have been promoting the use of LED lights throughout our facilities as an alternative for mercury lamps. We consulted with Sharp about tennis court lighting with Sharp, who installed LED floodlights for our pool lighting. A big challenge was how to ensure sufficient brightness while reducing glare. We were also concerned about increasing the strength of the front glass in case the ball directly hit the lighting fixture. Sharp created many prototypes to respond to our requests. We were convinced with the milky reinforced glass product that they developed, and are very satisfied with our selection.

The coaches also say it is easier to play compared to the older clubs' mercury lights.

Effect after implementation
With little glare, high balls are easy to see.
Coaches and members say it is easy to play tennis.

We realized a playing environment with high ball visibility by evenly lighting up the entire court with outstanding light distribution control that uses original lenses. Even if the light gets in the player’s field of vision, there is little glare, so high balls can be seen easily. Coaches and members who know our older facilities equipped with mercury lamps say that it is much easier to play tennis.

The outstanding light distribution control evenly lights up the entire court.

Future prospects
Standard lighting for our indoor tennis courts. We will continue to provide a safe and comfortable play environment.

The energy-saving and long-life features of LED lights help reduce electricity costs and bulb replacement costs, etc. We were also impressed by the overall increased brightness and reduced glare that enhance the safety of our members. We plan to implement the Sharp LED floodlights at our new facilities. We will continue to focus on providing a safe and comfortable playing environment.

Glare is suppressed with milky reinforced glass.

Issued July 2019