Case Study


HANWA Co., Ltd. Kyushu Distribution Center

Updating distribution center mercury lamps with LED high ceiling lights Bright lights reaching hand level create an environment suitable for product management and light work


Trading house

Purpose of Implementation

Improved efficiency, Reduced costs, Improved safety

Implemented product
LED lights

High ceiling lights
DL-EH301N x 80 units, DL-EH204N x 88 units
Operation started in June 2020.
LED lights were replaced mercury lights during the renovation of the Kyushu Distribution Center, where products such as steel materials are stored and repaired.

HANWA Co., Ltd.

Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture (head office)
Established in 1947. Involved in distributing a wide range of products, including steel, steel raw materials, construction materials, non-ferrous metals, food products, petroleum and chemical products, wood, and machinery, etc.
Kyushu Distribution Center (this solution) / Chikushino City, Fukuoka Prefecture

This is what we realized.
Challenges before implementation

We were considering a total renovation of our distribution center, which opened in 2012. We decided to introduce a bright, long-life, low-maintenance luminaire to replace the mercury lamp, which requires work at height to replace the bulb and makes it difficult to obtain a replacement bulb.

  • LED high ceiling lights realize brighter and easier-to-see environment suitable for product management and repair work, etc.
  • The light reaches full brightness with almost no waiting time. Even if the lights are turned off frequently, the brightness will return immediately, improving work efficiency.
  • The long life reduces the need for maintenance and suppresses power consumption.
Background of Implementation
Switching to LED lights, with no need for bulb replacement, during total renovation of product storage facility

Our Kyushu Distribution Center, which began operating in 2012, has been used internally as a storage warehouse for rebar and H-steel, the primary materials used in construction and civil engineering. We were conducting a total renovation of the Center with partner companies to improve the utilization rate and so that minor processing and repair work, such as painting, could be performed. We decided to use this opportunity to replace the lighting. Since the ceiling is 12-meters high, we decided to replace the difficult-to-replace mercury lamps with LED lights.

HANWA Co., Ltd.
(Left)Yasuhiro Kunishima
Corporate Officer
General Manager of Kyushu Branch Office,
Kyushu Distribution Center Director
(Right)Toshitaka Zaiki
General Manager
Kyushu Branch Steel Bars & Construction Materials Dept.

Reasons for Selection
Focusing on brightness to ensure safety during work. Convinced with the simulation using light distribution charts.

In addition to long life and reduced maintenance work, we required that the light be bright enough to allow the workers to see easily and safely during minor processing work. Sharp’s proposal included a chart of the light distribution when LED lights are implemented, and showed us it would be sufficiently bright. We also appreciated that the LED lights would reduce power consumption while maintaining a brightness equal to or better than the conventional mercury lamps.

Replacing mercury lamps with LED lights during facility renovations

Effect after implementation
168 LED high ceiling lights were installed throughout the warehouse. The staff appreciates brightness that makes it easy to work.

168 LED high ceiling lights were installed during the renovations, creating a brighter environment suitable for work. The staff says that the new lights make it easier to manage products and enable partner companies to complete minor processing work safely. Unlike conventional mercury lamps, it does not take a long time for the lights to reach full brightness, so even if the lights are turned off frequently, the original brightness is quickly attained. We expect that power consumption will further drop, and work efficiency will increase.

High ceiling lights suspended from ceiling

Future prospects
We are considering implementing LED lights in similar facilities for creating a worker-friendly work environment.

LED lights, which save energy and reduce maintenance work, will be a top priority when improving similar facilities in the future. We will continue our efforts to create a comfortable working environment for our workers and partner companies.

Bright and easier-to-see environment improves safety during minor processing, etc.

Issued July 2020