Case Study


Daiichi Rental Co., Ltd. Toyama Center

LED lighting for warehouse and office that double as showroom Satisfied with bright and even lighting that matches the space



Purpose of Implementation

Environmental measures, Reduced costs, Enhanced comfort

Implemented product
LED lights

High ceiling light DL-EH302N x 16 units
High ceiling light DL-EH103N x 71 units
Floodlight DL-EL41N-W, etc., x 12 units
Ceiling-installed type DL-MK400M, etc., x 175 units
Inverted triangle type DL-MF100W, etc. x 52 units
and many others

Between 2018 and 2020, Daiichi Rental replaced all warehouse mercury lamps and all office fluorescent lamps with LED lights.
Sales: OST Co., Ltd.


Daiichi Rental Toyama Center

Daiichi Rental Co., Ltd.

Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture (head office)
Established in 1983. Daiichi Rental’s business includes rental of office furniture and office automation equipment, various furnishing and equipment for events and construction sites, and second-hand sales.
Toyama Center (this solution) / Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture

This is what we realized.
Challenges before implementation

We decided to switch to LED lights in consideration for the environment and to reduce costs. The warehouse and office at the Toyama Center also serve as a showroom for rentals and second-hand office furniture, so we wanted to create a bright space where customers could easily view our products.

  • Switching to LED lights reduced environmental impact and costs for electricity and replacement of light bulb.
  • The most suitable light fixtures were selected from a diverse lineup, and a bright, uniformly lit space was created.
  • The LED lights turn ON immediately, so we can show customers products in the warehouse as soon as work starts.
Background of Implementation
Switching to LED lights to reduce the environmental impact. Reducing the costs and hassle of lightbulb replacement.

The rental and reuse business that Daiichi Rental is developing is itself an environmentally-friendly business. We have always made eco-awareness and the reduction of environmental impact keywords in our corporate activities. We had been actively looking into incorporating LED lights that would reduce CO2 emissions and mercury.
Maintenance was costly and time-consuming as replacing the warehouse’ s mercury lamps required removing the goods inside and preparing a high work vehicle. In addition, the large number of fluorescent lights in the office building required frequent replacement. From these points, we wanted to implement long-life LED lights.

Daiichi Rental Co., Ltd. Corporate Sales Planning Section
(Left)Kiyoko Kato, Manager
(Right)Mari Saito, Chief

Reasons for Selection
Persuaded with simulations using Illuminance distribution chart. Convinced with optimum installation for bright and even lighting.

We have a longstanding relationship with Sharp and had seen various types of LED lights at Business Solution Fairs, so we consulted with Sharp through the dealer. In addition to environmental considerations and cost savings, we requested brighter, more even-colored lighting for our warehouse and office space at the Toyama Center, which is also a showroom where customers can see our rental and reuse products, such as office furniture. Sharp proposed the most suitable equipment for each space, such as high ceiling lights, floodlights, and ceiling-installed type lights based on the Illuminance distribution chart, and convinced us to implement them.

High ceiling light implemented in warehouse storing many office furniture items.

Effect after implementation
Reaches full brightness immediately after the start of work. There’s no more stress as we don’t have to replace the light bulbs.

The increased brightness in our warehouse, where the mercury lamps were replaced with LED lights, makes it easier to see our products. The LED lights reach full brightness as soon as they are switched on, which is also advantageous. Even when customers come in right after the store opens, they can always select products in a bright state. In the office building, desk work efficiency is improved as staff can easily see their documents at hand. The staff says they no longer feel stressed out because light bulb is not broken somewhere unlike fluorescent lights.

The meeting room, which also functions as product showroom, is bright with ceiling-installed type lights.

Future prospects
Anticipating further cost reductions. Planning to switch to LED lights at head office.

In addition to reduced electricity costs, we expect to see further cost reductions, including a reduced need to replace light bulbs in the future. Based on the Toyama Center’s success, which has been well received by customers, we have started switching to LED lights at our head office, which is currently being renovated.

Office furniture for executive meetings look beautiful with even and bright lighting.

Issued July 2020