Case Study


Cosmo Cocolo Kai OOZORA-MURA 1banchi Nursery School

Plasmacluster air purifiers introduced to all nursery school rooms Increasing comfort in children’s group life with a clean air environment


Kindergarten/Nursery School

Purpose of Implementation

Increased comfort, Improved service, Enhanced image

Implemented product
Wall / shelf mounted type Plasmacluster air purifier

FU-M1000-W (for approx. 35m2) x 11 units
FU-MK500-W (for approx. 25m2) x 4 units
Implemented in December 2018. Wall-mounted units were installed in all nursery rooms, the playroom, entrance hall, office, and kitchen, etc.
Retailer: Nihon Desco Inc.

Cosmo Cocolo Kai OOZORA-MURA 1banchi Nursery School

Morioka, Iwate Prefecture, Japan
Established in 2017. Nurser y school is located in “OOZORA-MURA,” a facility where senior housing with services, development support center for persons with disabilities, restaurant, and farmers market cooperate and hold exchanges.

This is what we realized.
Challenges before implementation

Nursery schools, where small children spend time in groups, face a challenge with the air environment. Until now, the school performed thorough cleaning and moisture control, etc., to maintain a hygienic environment, but they wanted to implement air purifiers as a more effective measure.

  • Plasmacluster air purifiers were installed in all rooms of the school. Clean and comfortable air environment has been realized.
  • The wall-mounted type units did not take nursery space, and minimized the risk of children contacting the equipment.
  • This initiative was highly praised by the parents as a activity taken in consideration of the children's health.
Background of Implementation
Many children spend time together in nursery schools. We considered implementing air purifiers to ensure hygiene.

It is the most important to protect the health and safety of children's including small children as young as newborns at nursery schools. One challenge we often face is the air environment. Hygiene is a particular concern in areas where many children spend time in groups. Until now, we have performed thorough cleaning and have carefully controlled the moisture in the winter. For several years, we have been considering the implementation of air purifiers, especially after the necessity was discussed at the Private Nursery School Council.

Cosmo Cocolo Kai
Nursery School
Shoko Sato, Headmaster

Reasons for Selection
The safety of wall-mounted types out of children’s reach and the optimum installation plan based on drawings were the deciding factors in adoption.

I use a Plasmacluster air purifier at home, so I am familiar with the deodorizing effect and I trust the air purification capabilities. The business-use models of the same purifier were proposed this time, and I felt they were suitable for our school. I was especially impressed with the wall-mounted type as it does not obstruct nursery space, is out of the children’ s reach, and we don’ t have to worry about children putting things on top of them. An optimum installation plan showing how many units were necessary to achieve a high Plasmacluster effect based on our floor plans was the deciding factor.

Units in all nursery rooms provide a comfortable air environment for the children.

Effect after implementation
Comfortable air environment with units installed in all rooms. Effective in maintaining a healthy childcare environment.

A total of 15 Plasmacluster air purifiers were installed in all nursery rooms, playroom, entrance hall, office, kitchen, and meeting room. The units are operated 24/7 (through a year) maintaining a comfortable air environment throughout the nursery school. We especially noticed a significant improvement in the air cleanliness during the winter when it is difficult to manage the children’s health. The units effectively remove dust that tends to fly up from the children’s napping futon (Japanese style comforter/mattress) and also suppress the stale indoor smell.

Implemented in the entrance hall where many visitors pass through and in the meeting room

Future prospects
Popular with parents and other schools.
Considering implementation at other facilities in our group.

We received a great applause in an entrance ceremony when we told the parents that we had installed Plasmacluster air purifiers in all rooms. Headmasters visiting from other schools have also expressed interest. In response to this high praise, we are currently considering implementing the units at our group’ s senior residences and our facilities for persons with disabilities.

Considering the staff’s health with units in the office and kitchen.

Issued July 2019