Case Study


Sports club FITTA

Reducing unpleasant odors in wet areas of sports club dressing rooms Enhancing facility comfort by purifying the air with Plasmacluster


Sports facility

Purpose of Implementation

Improved service, Improved image, Enhanced comfort

Implemented product
Wall-mounted/shelf-mounted combination type Plasmacluster air purifier

FU-M1000 (for approx. 35m2) x 8 units

Industrial humidifying air purifier

KI-M850A (for approx. 37m2) x 1 unit
In February 2017, units were implemented in the locker rooms of five sports clubs, including FITTA Matsuyama Branch.

Sports club FITTA

Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, Japan (head office)
Established in 2013, FITTA has 16 sports clubs in Ehime, Kochi, and Hiroshima Prefectures, etc. The company serves a wide range of customer needs, such as children's sports school and women-only sports club, etc.
FITTA Matsuyama / Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture (this solution)

This is what we realized.
Challenges before implementation

Unpleasant odors from the drains and sweat remain in the dressing rooms in front of the showers. Although we had specialists clean the drains and tried replacing the ventilation fans in the past, we were looking for more effective solutions.

  • Plasmacluster reduced unpleasant odors in the highly humid dressing rooms and contributed to improved comfort in the facility.
  • Wall-mounted type unit was installed over the lockers, saving space in the limited area.
  • Implementing well-known Plasmacluster devices was effective in improving our company's image.
Background of Implementation
Addressing unpleasant odors in wet areas of the dressing room. Creating a popular facility with higher quality measures.

Previously at our sports club, the air was stagnant in the dressing room in front of the showers, and drain odors and sweat odors tended to remain. We received complaints from our customers, so we tried various measures such as having the drains cleaned by specialists and replacing the ventilation fans. As we looked for in-depth solutions, we thought that installing air purifiers with a high deodorizing effect would help reduce odors and improve service.

Manami Kawakami, Manager
Sales Department,
Sports club FITTA

Reasons for Selection
Experienced the deodorizing effect at fitness device exhibition.
Highly-rated space-saving wall-mounted type.

In the summer of 2016, representatives from our head office visited a general exhibition of fitness devices held in Tokyo and saw the Plasmacluster devices. During a demonstration using an ammonia-water solution, they experienced the deodorizing effect. They were also convinced by a leaflet introducing many examples of use in hospitals and welfare facilities. The wall-mounted type of device that could be installed in small spaces was highly rated. A demo unit was installed at our sports club for two weeks, and we actually experience the effect in the dressing room. Based on this, we decided to implement the units in each of our branches.

Reducing odors by installing in the dressing room. The air in changing room is also fresher.

Effect after implementation
Reduced odors contribute to customers' comfort.HEPA filters collect fine lint from clothing.

Since implementing the Plasmacluster, the units have been running 24/7 on the “Strong” mode. Unpleasant odors around the dressing rooms have been reduced significantly. Customers' complaints about odors have dropped, and the facility's comfort has increased. The wall-mounted air purifier is equipped with a HEPA filter, which catches fine particles such as lint from the customers' clothing and pollen, etc. We are very satisfied with the Plasmacluster ion as it supports our hygiene measures.

Space saved by installing a wall-mounted unit over lockers.

Future prospects
Considering additional implementation to provide a pleasant environment. Improving sports club image with well-known devices.

At our facilities that have implemented the Plasmacluster, customers have told us that “the air is much fresher.” We are planning to add units as needed. We expect that installing the well-known Plasmacluster units will help to improve our company's image.

Professional humidifying air purifier adopted in the powder room.

Issued September 2017