Case Study


Dontaku Co., Ltd.

Using Plasmacluster devices to strengthen sanitation measures at food processing plant
Utilizing anti-static effect to reduce risk of contamination


Food processing

Purpose of Implementation

Improved safety, Enhanced comfort, Improved image

Implemented product
Ceiling-installed Plasmacluster ion generator

IG-3B35AX x 5 units

Plasmacluster Static Electricity Remover

IG-301JF x 1 unit
Implemented in March 2016. The ceiling-installed types were installed in the packaging room, and the Plasmacluster Static Electricity Remover was installed at the work area entrance.

Dontaku Co., Ltd.

Nanao, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan (head office)
Established in 1963. Dontaku operates the supermarket “Dontaku” with 14 stores in Ishikawa Prefecture, six of which are located in Nanao City.
Dontaku Food Processing Center (this solution)

This is what we realized.
Challenges before implementation

Our center produces processed foods for sales at our supermarket. Delivering safe and secure foods to our customers is our priority. In addition to our conventional sanitation methods, such as extensive cleaning, we wanted to step up our sanitation control by keeping the air environment cleaner and strengthening contamination prevention measures.

  • The Plasmacluster devices are operated 24 hours to suppress mold bacteria in the plant. A sanitary air environment has been realized.
  • The anti-static effect prevents hair and dust from sticking on the workers’clothing or the cooking utensils and reduces the risk of contamination.
  • Odors in the plant were significantly reduced, allowing the workers to work in a more comfortable environment.
Background of Implementation
Raising the Food Processing Center sanitation by improving the air environment and increasing contamination prevention measures.

Our center is in charge of cooking and packaging the processed foods sold at our company’s supermarket. To ensure we deliver safe and secure products to our customers, we implement a variety of measures to create a clean environment, including thorough daily cleaning and monthly hygiene classes for our employees. We also considered introducing equipment that would improve the air environment by suppressing suspended mold bacteria and using devices to prevent contamination by hair and dust.

Ukyo Norioka
Dontaku Co., Ltd.
Food Processing Center manager

Reasons for Selection
Referring to implementation at a fish processing plant. Suppressing mold bacteria and the adherence of dust.

We heard that a fish processing plant in Nanao City had success in improving the plant's air environment and preventing contamination by implementing Plasmacluster devices. We also looked into adopting the system at our company. In our large packaging room, where the prepared foods are packaged, we found that the ceiling-installed type ion generator that efficiently purified air from above would be perfect. The anti-static effect that could suppress dust from adhering to the food packs and containers was also an advantage. We decided to implement the Plasmacluster Static Electricity Remover at the work area entrance to help remove hair and dust from the workers’ clothing, etc.

The air in the packaging room is cleaned with five ceiling-installed ion generators.

Effect after implementation
Maintaining a clean air environment with constant operation. Reducing odors from the plant to improve the work environment.

In the food packaging room, the ceiling-installed type runs 24 hours a day to maintain a constant clean air environment by suppressing suspended mold bacteria and preventing the adherence of dust, etc., with the anti-static effect. The Plasmacluster Static Electricity Remover installed at the work area entrance makes it easier to remove hair from workers’ uniforms and reduces the risk of contamination. These devices have greatly improved the environment so we can provide safe products. In addition, odors in the plant have been reduced significantly, making the working environment better for our workers.

Mold on the cooking utensils and work table is suppressed, and dust adherence is reduced.

Future prospects
Considering implementation in other areas of our plant.
Providing customers with clean air at our supermarkets.

In addition to the food packaging area and work area entrance, we are thinking of implementing the products to improve the air quality in the other work areas of the plant, such as sorting room where products are temporarily stored before shipping. We are also thinking of implementing the devices at our supermarkets to provide our customers with a more sanitary and comfortable air environment.

The Plasmacluster Static Electricity Remover installed at the work area entrance making it easier to remove hair, etc.

Issued September 2016