Case Study



Using Plasmacluster to secure a sanitary air environment Realizing stable operation in a safe workplace


Plasmacluster devices

Purpose of Implementation

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) measures, Enhanced comfort, Improved image

Implemented product
Floor-standing type Plasmacluster air purifier

FU-M1400 x 15 units

Wall-mounted/self-mounted combination Plasmacluster air purifier

FU-MK500 x 1 unit, etc.

Implemented in June 2020. Installed in each division, conference room, cafeteria, and president’s office in the head office as well as each sales office in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.


Ina-Machi, Kita-Adachi-Gun, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Established in 1966. A top manufacturer of the rotary swivel joints. The Company’ s products are widely used in manufacturing sites of all kinds of industries such as film, rubber, plastic, iron/steel, and metal production.

This is what we realized.
Challenges before implementation

Therefore, it was urgent for us to improve the measures relating to air environment of our workplace so that normal functioning could be achieved and product supply would not be interrupted even under the circumstance where is the concern about the deterioration of the health environment.

  • Safe work environment has been created for the employees and the clients can visit ourcompany with security.
  • No constructi on work is required for installation of the floor-standing type and the shelf-mounted type. Also advantageous because of a low running cost.
  • “The five-year maintenance pack full support plan” can save maintenance labor and also can maintain a significant effect.
Background of Implementation
Hoping to create a sanitary indoor air environment in order to sustain stable business operation.

The Company manufactures the rotary swivel joints as the core components that support production sites and has continued normal operation under the current harsh situation. In an aim to avoid product supply interruption that may be caused by unforeseen circumstances within the Company’ s premise, we had already introduced the AI face recognition body temperature camera at the entrance for entry control and had strictly adhered to wearing of masks. In addition to the above, we considered it necessary to implement the device that could keep an indoor air environment hygienic.

Takashi Iwai, the President

Reasons for Selection
Evaluated the high performance and reliability of Plasmacluster. Applicability to a large space and a low running cost.

Significant effect of Plasmacluster had been reported in various media and had attracted our interest. Therefore, in the discussion on our indoor air environment measures, Plasmacluster air purifier first came to our minds. We highly rated Plasmacluster air purifier because of applicability to large space and low running cost besides its long track record and high reliability. Further, the fact that the floor-standing type and shelf-mounted type required no installation work by an outside contractor, which was also an advantage under the current circumstances.

The FU-M1400 unit installed in the cafeteria not only exhibits air purification effect but also deodorization effect.

Effect after implementation
Workplace where employees and clients can stay with security. The five-year maintenance pack helps save labor

Plasmacluster air purifiers have been installed in the Company’ s places with much verbal communication with heavy traffic of an unspecified large number of people, and where people tend to stay for a prolonged time. Through intensive implementation of 24-hour operation of the air purifiers and various measures, employees can work in secure environment and we can have clients visiting us without worry. Further, with an aim to consistently obtain the air purification effect, we have subscribed the “five-year maintenance pack full support plan” that provides us with periodic maintenance service. We highly rate the plan as it can save our maintenance labor by not placing burden on our employees.

The FU-M1400 unit installed in the conference room has realized a pleasant air environment.

Future prospects
Aiming at promoting employees’ health management and Company’s development by continuously addressing the air sanitation measures.

With the greatest care, we will continue efforts in our measures of air environment. A situation that requires sanitation measures is likely to continue in the future. By further working on stable business operation and health management of the employees through effective utilization of Plasmacluster air purifiers, we hope to contribute to development of the Company.

The FU-MK500 unit is used in the president’s office by being mounted on a sideboard.

Issued November 2020