Case Study



High-definition digital multifunction copier active at a professional design office
Quick 10-second warmup increases work efficiency



Purpose of Implementation

Improved efficiency, Reduced costs, Improved productivity

Implemented product
Digital MFP

MX-2650FN x 1 unit
Implemented in November 2016. Installed in office to replace digital color multifunction copier.
Retailer: Startia, Inc.


Minato City, Tokyo, Japan
Design company established in 2007 offering services including planning, interview, editing, and design.
Widely involved with various education and businessrelated publications and website creation.

This is what we realized.
Challenges before implementation

Our company designs and produces various publications. Editing text and checking colors are essential parts of our daily work. We were looking to improve our work efficiency by implementing a digital color multifunction copier with a faster startup and higher color reproducibility.

  • We were satisfied with the outstanding reproducibility of subtle hues such as sky-blue gradations and beautiful expression of fabric textures.
  • The quick 10-second warmup shortens the waiting time and contributes to improving the work speed at our busy production site.
  • The used color toner cartridge is automatically pushed out. Staff can smoothly replace the toner.
Background of Implementation
Looking to implement quick startup highdefinition multifunction copier to improve work efficiency at the production site.

Our company’ s main business is the design and production of various publications, such as university information pamphlets. Editing text and checking color hues, etc., are essential parts of our daily work. Conventional digital multifunction copiers could not express colors and were not suitable for production. Instead, in all production processes, we used large professional-use printers capable of high-definition printing. However, the slow startup and expensive printing costs were challenges.

Naoto Nakamura
The president
More Color Co.b, Ltd.

Reasons for Selection
Convinced by the rich hues in color samples.
Impressed by quick 10-second startup after power ON.

The retailer Startia proposed the Sharp multifunction copier. They showed us output color samples so we could check the gradations of blue skies and delicate lace sections in clothing. The rich hues and the delicate expressions of fabrics convinced us we could use this system for production. Compatibility with SRA3 sized sheets larger than A3 size, the quick 10-second startup, and the compact design that fits in our limited office space were also decisive factors.

Convincing high-definition color samples were a key to deciding to adopt this system.

Effect after implementation
Expressiveness even design professionals acknowledge. Automatic toner ejection makes replacement work easy.

Publication manuscripts are ultimately ordered to the printing company and made into the final product. The colors expressed by the Sharp multifunction copier are very close to the hues in the final product, and we appreciate the high expressiveness. Now we use the inexpensive Sharp multifunction copier in all production processes except for the final confirmation, so we can reduce costs. The used toner cartridge is automatically pushed out, reducing the workload of our staff, who must replace the toner between production steps.

Home screen is customized with a simple arrangement of frequently used functions.

Future prospects
Hoping to further improve work efficiency by outputting onto various papers and utilizing cloud services.

The model we implemented can output onto a variety of papers, so we are hoping to expand use to embossed paper and business cards, etc. We also hope to use cloud services to improve work efficiency. For example, office staff will be able to scan and upload materials urgently needed by staff who are out in the field so they can retrieve and refer to it on their mobile terminal.

Used blue toner is automatically ejected to reduce replacement work.

Issued February 2017