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Outline of Sharp Group

Sharp’s business activities comprise “electric and electronic application equipment” (i.e., end-user consumer products and information electronics) and “Electronic Components” (i.e., key components of electronic products). By undertaking the development both of key devices based on proprietary technologies and of products in which these devices and technologies are applied, Sharp aims to inspire and impress its customers. The company is working actively to develop its business by pioneering new markets and by bringing forth never-before-seen, uniquely featured products and devices.

Corporate Name Sharp Corporation
Head Office 1 Takumi-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai City, Osaka 590-8522, Japan
Tel. +81-72-282-1221
Representative J.W. Tai, Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer
Founding September 15, 1912
Capital Stock

5 billion yen (as of March 31, 2018)

Employees Consolidated: 52,548 (as of June 30, 2018)

Japan : 18,902 (Sharp Corporation 13,142/ other consolidated 5,760)

Overseas: 33,646 (consolidated)

Operations Mainly manufacturing and sales of telecommunications equipment, electric and electronic application equipment, and electronic components.

Main Data

(Millions of yen)

  Fiscal 2013
Fiscal 2014 Fiscal 2015 Fiscal 2016 Fiscal 2017
Main Sales 2,927,186 2,786,256 2,461,589 2,050,639 2,427,271
Domestic Sales 1,150,091 968,449 750,499 654,012 656,144
Overseas Sales 1,777,095 1,817,807 1,711,090 1,396,627 1,771,127
Operating Profit 108,560 -48,065 -161,967 62,454 90,125
Profit before Income Taxes 45,970 -188,834 -231,122 -587 89,416
Profit Attributable to Owners of Parent 11,559 -222,347 -255,972 -24,877 70,225
Net Assets 207,173 44,515 -31,211 307,801 401,713
Total Assets 2,181,680 1,961,909 1,570,672 1,773,682 1,908,660
Capital Investment 49,434 62,653 45,240 77,733 119,356
R&D Expenditures 132,124 141,042 130,120 106,107 100,536

Main Products

Smart Homes

Mobile phones, electronic dictionaries, calculators, facsimiles, telephones, network control units, refrigerators, superheated steam ovens, microwave ovens, small cooking appliances, air conditioners, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, fans, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, electric heating equipment, Plasmacluster ion generators, beauty equipment, solar cells, storage batteries, etc.

RoBoHoN Mobile Robotic Phone


Wearable Device

Plasmacluster Washing Machine

Healsio Superheated Steam Oven

Pet Care Monitor

Industrial Solar Power System

Residential Solar Power System

Cloud Storage Battery System

Smart Business Solutions

POS system equipment, electronic registers, business projectors, information displays, multi function printers, various options / consumables, various software, etc.

Digital MFP

Information Display

Touch Display

IoT Electronics Devices

Camera modules, camera module manufacturing facilities, sensor modules, proximity sensors, dust sensors, CMOS / CCD sensors, semiconductor lasers, in-vehicle cameras, FA equipment, washing machines, etc.

8K Professional Camcorder

Professional Network Camera

Green Laser Diode

CCD Image Sensor

CMOS Camera Module

Advanced Display Systems

LCD TVs, Blu-ray disc recorders, IGZO liquid crystal display modules, CG silicon liquid crystal display modules, amorphous silicon liquid crystal display modules etc.


8K Tuner

Blu-ray Disc Recorder

8K LCD Monitor

Free-Form Display

Display with Transparent NFC* Antenna

  • Near Field Communication