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Biodiversity Protection / Communication with Local Communities

Protecting Biodiversity

Biodiversity Protection through Business and Social Action Programs

While Sharp's business activities impact biodiversity, the company also benefits from the resources that biodiversity provides. That is why the Sharp Group is carrying out a multifaceted approach in which it protects biodiversity through business activities and social action programs at worldwide bases.

Based on the Sharp Group Policy on the Sustainable Support of Biodiversity, Sharp formulated the Sharp Biodiversity Initiative in fiscal 2009. The Initiative describes biodiversity in an easy-to-understand manner, and it outlines concrete measures for business activities and social action programs that take biodiversity into account.

Sharp's Efforts for Protecting Biodiversity

Case Study

Preserving Biodiversity (Mie Plant)

At the Mie Plant (Taki District, Mie Prefecture), employees are working towards preserving biodiversity within the plant grounds. In 2013, the aze-otogiri (Hypericum oliganthum), a flower thought to be extinct, was discovered for the first time in 48 years along the Sana River, which flows beside the factory. The Mie Plant is cooperating with the Aze-otogiri Preservation Society, comprising community groups, schools, and government, and working towards cultivating the flower for conservation and propagation.

This initiative is being undertaken as part of the larger activities of the Group to Keep the Sana River Beautiful, the management of which is run by the Mie Plant.

An aze-otogiri specimen cultivated for about a year

Aze-otogiri transplanted to the green areas inside the Mie Plant premises

Case Study

Overseas Biodiversity Protection Activities (SPC)

As recent years see an increase in the amounts of plastic entering the Earth's oceans, the issue of ocean plastic is causing concern about its effect on ecosystems. SPC, Sharp's production base in the Philippines, is working with local communities to protect biodiversity. A total of about 5,000, including SPC employees, university students, and other volunteers held a beach cleanup in Manila Bay to protect the environment and biodiversity.

Cleanup in Manila Bay

Garbage picked up during the coastal cleanup

Communication with Local Communities

Sharp is committed to communicating with local communities through plant tours, planning of and participation in events, and providing environmental education. The Tenri Plant (Tenri, Nara Prefecture) held environmental classes for elementary schools as it participated in the 2018 Tenri Environmental Forum sponsored by the Tenri Board of Education and other groups. SEID, Sharp's sales and production subsidiary in Indonesia, also visited local schools to give environmental classes.

The Tenri Plant holds an environmental class at an environmental forum

SEID holds an environmental class at a local school

In recognition of its ongoing communication with the community, in fiscal 2018 the Mie Plant received an Excellence Prize in the environmental report category of the 22nd Environmental Communication Awards, sponsored by Japan's Ministry of the Environment and the Global Environmental Forum. This was the fifth consecutive year (eighth time) for the Mie Plant to receive the award.

Award ceremony