Steps toward Strong Brand Company “SHARP”

Management emphasizing on ESG

1. Further strengthen healthcare related business

Due to the impact of the global pandemic, aging populations, and other issues, people around the world are becoming increasingly concerned about health and hygiene. The Sharp Group has already created numerous home appliances that not only bring convenience to people’s lives, but also help them live in a healthier way. Our appliances include Plasmacluster products and the Healsio superheated steam oven. Sharp will continue to promote health by developing unique products and services that improve the quality of air, food, and water.

Along with home appliances, the Sharp Group offers a wide range of other products that play an important part in people’s lives, such as TVs, mobile devices, and office equipment. We therefore have many points of contact with our customers. We will further expand these points of contact by creating new devices and collaborating with other companies. We will also build a system that measures people’s health data unobtrusively in various settings and provides individualized solutions. This system will promote naturally healthier lifestyles.

2. Contribute to Carbon Neutral
Net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from our business activities

Realizing a decarbonized society has become one of the most pressing issues facing the global community.

In our long-term environmental vision, SHARP Eco Vision 2050—which was formulated in February 2019—we set a target to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from our business activities by 2050. To achieve our long-term environmental vision, we have also set a new medium-term environmental goal—a 60% reduction* in greenhouse gas emissions by 2035.

Going forward, Sharp will continue to steadily reduce CO2 emissions by installing solar power systems in our plants and other sites, saving energy, building new solar power plants, and converting the company fleet to electric vehicles (EVs).

2. Contribute to Carbon Neutral
Accelerate the transformation of the energy solutions business

Sharp’s achievements in solar power systems begin with the words of founder Tokuji Hayakawa: “If we could find a way of generating electricity from limitless solar heat and light, that would benefit humankind to an extent we can scarcely imagine.” In 1959 we succeeded in developing a prototype solar cell, and in 1963 we launched mass production.

Since then, for over 60 years, the Sharp Group has led the growth of the solar power market and contributed to the spread of renewable energy through residential PV systems, industrial PV systems, and solar power plant EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) projects.

As of 2021, Sharp’s cumulative shipments of PV systems equate to 17 GW of power. This translates into annual avoided greenhouse gas emissions of about six million tons-CO2—or roughly four times the emissions from Sharp’s business activities.

In the future, we will shift our business from the previous installation-type systems to systems for use in vehicles or in outer space. We will also expand the PPA (power purchase agreement) business and accelerate the practical application of solar cells made with perovskite, a new material.

Through these efforts, we will further expand our energy solutions business. Our aim is to achieve 12 times more avoided greenhouse gas emissions than the emissions from our business activities, thereby contributing to the decarbonization of society.

3. HITO-based Management

The Sharp Group believes that people (“hito” in Japanese) drive a company’s sustainable growth. That is why we are further reforming our HR system to pursue management that gets the best of our people. This reform is based on the four perspectives of HITO: fostering Hybrid individuals with multiple specialties; creating an environment and corporate culture conducive to Innovation; placing the right people in the right jobs to make full use of employee Talent; and providing growth Opportunities for talented individuals.

Specifically, we will improve the performance-based compensation system to encourage young employees and build a system of employee conditions and benefits that will be appealing to future personnel. We will also enhance the system for supporting employee growth, rejuvenate the organization, and speed up decision-making. The aim is to create a youthful and vibrant corporate culture—in other words, be a company where every employee is unafraid of failure and ready to take on bold challenges.

4. True Global Company

The Sharp Group is currently aggressively expanding its overseas business. Our aim is to quickly raise the ratio of overseas sales to 80% (from 67.2% in fiscal 2021). To this end, we will strengthen sales strategies in each overseas region and pursue management reform from a global perspective.

Specifically, we will strengthen the development of—and streamline the management of—overseas personnel, bolster the head office departments’ overseas support functions, accelerate alliances and M&A with overseas companies, and improve corporate branding. In addition, we will pursue the simultaneous global rollout of new products incorporating cutting-edge technologies and strengthen the development of products and services catering to the lifestyles of each region. In this way, we will enhance Sharp’s presence around the world.