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Business Vision “Changing the World with 8K+5G and AIoT”

Changing the World with 8K+5G and AIoT

Business Vision “Changing the World with 8K+5G and AIoT*

Sharp's vision is to change the world with 8K+5G and AIoT. We aim to build an 8K+5G Ecosystem and AIoT World to produce new value that only we can by working with various business partners and leveraging our unique innovative technologies in 8K, 5G, AI, IoT, and robotics. We will achieve innovation in the fields of smart homes, smart offices, entertainment, education, health, security, industry, and automobiles and attain sustained growth.

  • AIoT is a word coined by Sharp, combining the words AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (Internet of things).
    “AIoT” is registered trademark of Sharp Corporation.

Our Transformation Over the Next 100 Years

We view the three-year period from fiscal 2017 to 2019 to be the time when we will work on the following initiatives to build a robust business infrastructure for the future:

  • ①Reinvent the Sharp business model (Business transformation)
  • ②Expand business globally (Market transformation)
  • ③Strengthen the Sharp business infrastructure (Operation transformation)

Specifically, this has entailed the recapturing of our market share in the first year of fiscal 2017 by filling out product categories and lineups and expanding customer bases and sales routes so that we could make great steps to grow our business globally. In fiscal 2018, we worked towards strengthening our profitability by improving the quality of our products and business under the policy of shifting from quantity to quality. In fiscal 2019, the final year, we aim to create highly competitive products and devices based on the key words of “Technology Up, Quality Up, Value Up”, while we also reinvent our business model to a system that fuses software, hardware and cloud services, and one that offers solutions.

Through these efforts, Sharp will not only continue to expand our current primary B2C operations, but also to further strengthen and expand our B2B operations. By increasing the ratio of that business segment, we hope to gain more certain sustained growth in the future.

Restructuring the Business Promotion System

In July 2019, we restructured our business promotion system into the three business groups of Smart Life, 8K Ecosystem, and ICT, with the aim of further accelerating the reinvention of our business. We will further strengthen the vertical links between our device business segment, the driving force behind Sharp's innovation, and our product business segment, which forges our brand, while also shoring up the horizontal links between these three business groups, so we can act as “One Sharp” to build an 8K+5G Ecosystem and AIoT World soon.

8K+5G Ecosystem

Reinvent the Sharp Business Model: 8K+5G Ecosystem

Sharp will work with various partners to create an entire value chain—from shooting and transmission to the display of video—centered on 8K ultra-high-definition technology and 5G next-generation telecommunication technology. Sharp will also aim to build an 8K+5G Ecosystem to spur innovation in not only the broadcasting field, but also a wide variety of other fields, like industry, medicine, and security.

To achieve these ends, Sharp is working on the development of products and technologies core to constructing an 8K+5G Ecosystem, such as the world's first 8K TV AQUOS 8K and an 8K professional camcorder. We plan to bring further products to the market in the future, such as a specialized 8K monitor customized to meet the needs of customers in specialist fields, like medicine, architecture, and design, along with a compact 8K video camera, a 5G smartphone, and an 8K computer.

Moreover, Sharp works closely with various partners on these devices and technologies. For example, we are specifically reviewing cooperative endeavors with partners for supplementing technologies and sales routes that we do not possess so that we may establish an 8K business infrastructure in the broadcasting field. In the field of infrastructure maintenance, we are working with railway operators in the development of a new train inspection system. In the field of sports, beginning with the introduction of 8K monitors and 8K cameras to stadiums, Sharp is also proposing sports team solutions and security solutions, as well as transmission solutions that show 8K images from multiple viewpoints to increase the viewing pleasure of sporting events by transmitting images to stadium monitors and public viewing monitors. We will push forward to build innovative 8K+5G solutions with our partners in a variety of fields, as we spread its use around the world.

AIoT World

Reinvent the Sharp Business Model: AIoT World

Sharp will seek to further link the devices and services we offer with those of other companies, centered primarily around AIoT platforms that enable the conversion of devices to AIoT (AI + IoT), while we also create new solutions that can build an AIoT World to further enrich the lives of people everywhere.

To accomplish these goals, Sharp is vigorously pushing forward to convert our devices to be AIoT compatible. As of July 30, 2019 we have expanded the total number of AIoT-compatible B2C devices to approximately 270. We are also making steady progress in our initiatives with our services, such as starting the new COCORO HOME smart home service and the COCORO ENERGY cloud-based HEMS service.

We will be shifting our business focus from smart homes to both smart homes and smart offices. We will also grow our own devices and services as well as expand efforts in the four business realms of AIoT devices, COCORO LIFE services, COCORO OFFICE services, and the AIoT platform business to strengthen links with the devices and services of other companies.

Specifically, in the AIoT device business, we will be moving forward to create innovative products and convert Sharp devices to be AIoT compatible. In the COCORO LIFE service business realm, we will expand the number of COCORO Members in the service, and accelerate the creation of attractive smart life services. In the COCORO OFFICE service business sector, we will work on providing unique solutions customized to match the needs of individual customers, while in the AIoT platform business sector, we will leverage the unique qualities of the AIoT platform to develop full-fledged alliances with various partners, while also pushing forward with connections with the platforms of other companies. With these initiatives we hope to swiftly expand the world of AIoT, and create smart homes and smart offices in a short time frame the way that only Sharp can.

Expand Business Globally

Sharp has gone from a Japan-centered business model to one that has expanded business to ASEAN countries, China, Europe, America, and other global regions. The results of this one aspect of our transformation for the next 100 years are clearly evident from the past two years.

Specifically, in the ASEAN countries, as a result of expanding our product categories and lineups, creating products catering to local needs, and extensively strengthening public relations, we have increased product sales by approximately 1.6 fold over the past two years. Moreover, in Europe, our re-entry into the TV business and strengthening of our home appliance business have yielded expanded sales of roughly 1.4 fold. We have moved to create further added value in our products and services in Japan as well, thereby leading to the steady development of our business.

In the future, Sharp will further accelerate the expansion of businesses in these regions. We will also continue to actively expand business in China, which is currently propelling forward structural reforms under a policy of “from quantity to quality”, and, also in America, where, beginning with our re-entry into the TV market in the second half of this fiscal year, we are beginning the full-fledged deployment of our brand business. With these efforts, we aim to have overseas sales account for 80% of total sales in the near future.