"One-of-a-Kind" Story

2004 AY-S63XC/S45XC/S36XC/S28XC Plasmacluster Home Air Conditioners

These air conditioners employed a dual-louver airflow control mechanism that could separately control the air flowing left and the air flowing right, effectively dividing a room into two different temperature zones when cooling. This allowed people with different sensitivities to temperature to stay comfortably in the same room. For additional comfort, an all-season Coanda airflow control mechanism* directed cool air towards the ceiling when cooling and warm air towards the floor when heating so that airflow would not be directed at people in the room. And Sharp's unique Plasmacluster Ion technology were effective against airborne viruses, bacteria, and allergens. These air conditioners were marketed as products that offered the highest levels of comfort, health, and cleanliness.

  • *A mechanism based on the Coanda effect to control airflow: cool air is sent to the ceiling to prevent it from hitting people directly and warm air downward to the floor.

AY-S63XC/S45XC/S36XC/S28XC Plasmacluster Home Air Conditioners