"One-of-a-Kind" Story

2006 AY-U40SX New Eco-Friendly-Design Home Air Conditioner

Recognizing that conventional air conditioners are potentially the source of stress—users get over-chilled while sleeping or feel uncomfortable when hit directly by warm flows of air—Sharp applied aerodynamics*1 to solve these problems and developed a new environmentally friendly design. Sharp eliminated the conventional louvers and adopted a large, dual-shaft airflow panel that opens upwards or downwards—a world-first*2 feature. This mechanism created a comfortable environment by blowing cool air towards the ceiling and warm air to the floor so that airflow would not directly hit people. This new design also achieved one of the industry's top energy-saving rates thanks to improved air-blow efficiency. In addition, these air conditioners boasted functions to prevent dust from entering the units and to keep them clean inside along with Sharp's highly popular Plasmacluster Ion generator. These products were marketed as air conditioners that created a healthier and more comfortable space.

  • *1:Of the branch of dynamics that is applied to aircraft airfoil theory, an area that deals with the motion of air, particularly high-velocity air streams.
  • *2:For 4.0-kW-class air conditioners.

AY-U40SX New Eco-Friendly-Design Home Air Conditioner