"One-of-a-Kind" Story

2007 SX/SV Series Home Air Conditioners

Sharp developed a new, industry-first*1 Wrap-Around Airflow that heats and cools room spaces comfortably. This technique blankets the space from three directions by blowing air toward the ceiling (when cooling) or toward the floor (when heating) as well as directing air along wall surfaces on the right and left. These units were offered as "air conditioners for the 21st century" featuring a health-conscious design intended to bring comfort to living spaces. For example, their twin Plasmacluster Ion generators based on Sharp's proprietary technology can remove lingering odors*2 in rooms.

  • *1:As of November 12, 2007.
  • *2:Test method: Using a six-level odor intensity representation system, evaluate the product's effectiveness in deodorizing a piece of fabric impregnated with tobacco smoke odor in a test chamber of approximately 20 m3. Testing organization: Japan Spinners Inspecting Foundation (JSIF). Test certification report no. 070356-2.

SX/SV Series Home Air Conditioners