"One-of-a-Kind" Story

2008 IG-A100 Plasmacluster Ion® Generator

The combination of a High-Concentration Plasmacluster Ion Generator Unit and Diffusion Release Technology delivers large quantities of Plasmacluster Ions to every corner of the room. These ions powerfully decompose and remove airborne viruses as well as inhibit the growth of adhering mold fungus and eliminate adhering odors clinging to fibers in curtains, sofas, and other furnishings.
As the number of highly airtight houses increases and consumers pursue improved indoor air quality, this unit was introduced as a product to create a clean space free of microorganisms and allergens around people, such as in children's rooms, in bedrooms beside the bed, and in dens, studies, and the like.

IG-A100 Plasmacluster Ion® Generator