"One-of-a-Kind" Story

2008 KC-W80/W65/W45 Humidifying Air Purifiers with High-Concentration Plasmacluster Ions®

These Humidifying Air Purifiers are equipped with Plasmacluster Ion®*1 technology that decomposes and removes allergens such as airborne dust mite excrement and corpses, as well as airborne viruses. In addition, boosting the concentration of Plasmacluster Ions increased the speed of eliminating odors such as tobacco smoke clinging to curtains and wall surfaces, as well as eliminating perspiration odors clinging to clothing*2, and inhibiting the growth of mold fungus adhering to walls*3.
Moreover, for the model KC-W80, the combination of an airflow volume approximately 20% greater than previous models*4 and a 20° Angled Outflow increases dust collecting capacity and cleans the air in a private room (13-m2) in approximately eight minutes*5, the industry's top speed. Plus, with a humidifying capacity of 760 mL/h, the industry's largest, the same model KC-W80 can bring the humidity level in a living room (31.5-m2) up to approximately 60% RH, protecting the throat, nose, and skin from dryness while controlling drifting household dust and pollen.
These models were introduced as air purifiers to provide a healthy environment all year round by pursuing the elimination of bacteria and other microorganisms as well as odors, and at the same time, offering an energy-saving design.

  • *1:Plasmacluster and Plasmacluster Ions are trademarks of Sharp Corporation.
  • *2:For these models, confirmed for ion concentrations in the vicinity of clothing hung in a location so that blown air reaches the item. Odors cannot be removed from areas of clothing where blown air does not reach.
  • *3:Verified using average ion concentration measured in a room equivalent to half the applicable floor space for humidifying air purifiers.
  • *4:Compared to Sharp's previous KC-C150/C100/C70 models.
  • *5:According to the Japanese Electrical Manufacturers Association standard (JEM1467).

KC-W80/W65/W45 Humidifying Air Purifiers with High-Concentration Plasmacluster Ions®