"One-of-a-Kind" Story

2009 IG-840/820 Industrial Plasmacluster Ion Generators

Many hazardous substances invisible to the eye are suspended in the air around us. In particular, indoor air quality has become an issue in offices, retail spaces, hotels, schools, hospitals, and other areas where people gather. The airborne mold fungi, viruses, allergens, and the like that permeate such places are a major cause of discomfort to customers, guests, and the people who work there.
These professional-use units feature wide louvers and efficiently discharge high-concentration Plasmacluster ions over a wide area. In addition, the layer of air blowing out of the uppermost louver enables Plasmacluster ions to quickly and powerfully remove bacteria and clean the air in spaces where people congregate.
Also, a replaceable, modular Plasmacluster ion generator increases the density of the ion flow and ensures a stable, consistent discharge of ions at all times.

IG-840/820 Industrial Plasmacluster Ion Generators