"One-of-a-Kind" Story

2010 ES-TX800 Plasmacluster Washing Machine

Sharp introduced the ES-TX800 Plasmacluster Washing Machine that eliminates the internal cover on the washing/spin-dry tub that was required to confine the hot air when drying and also adopts a "wide mouth" design that enlarges the size of loading opening by 20% compared to its predecessor model*1. This design makes it easy to load and unload large laundry items such as bedding and rugs. Also, a new drying system that improves drying efficiency and a proprietary holeless tub deliver the industry's highest energy efficiency and fastest wash/dry time*2, plus, the industry's best water-saving performance*3. In addition, it features High-Density Plasmacluster 7000 technology (ion density of 7,000 ions/cm3)*4 that releases ions into the space where it is installed to remove airborne mold fungi and bacteria*5 (applicable floor area: approximately 3.3 m2). Further, full consideration is given to convenience and ease of use, for example, clothing that would be difficult to launder at home such as business suits can be quickly deodorized*6 by the action of Plasmacluster Ions released inside the washing/spin-dry tub.

  • *1:Compared to Sharp's previous model ES-TG830.
  • *2:In washer/dryers in the 8-kg wash/4.5-kg dry load capacity class. Power consumption for washing/drying a 4.5-kg load: 1,750 Wh; typical wash/dry cycle time: approximately 170 minutes. As of October 22, 2010.
  • *3:In washer/dryers in the 8-kg wash/4.5-kg dry load capacity class. 89 liters of water for 8-kg wash load, 76 liters for 4.5-kg wash/dry load.
  • *4:A front-loading washer/dryer equipped with a high-density Plasmacluster Ion generator was placed against the wall of a room having the applicable floor area. The ion count per cubic centimeter (cm3) was measured by blowing ions into the air and near the center of the room (1.0 m above the floor), with the ion generator operating at HIGH airstream setting. The ES-TX800 is equipped with a device having such capabilities.
  • *5:Testing organization: Japan Food Research Laboratories. Test results report number: 209071379. Test method: Plasmacluster Ions were released into a test chamber at Sharp having a floor area of approximately 3.3 m2, and measurements were requested of airborne mold fungi as collected by an air sampler. The results were converted by Sharp to calculate the removal speed. It was confirmed that the survival rate for airborne mold fungi decreased by more than 99% in 2.5 hours compared to natural attenuation. Plasmacluster Ion density: 7,000 ions/cm3.
  • *6:Testing organization: Japan Spinners Inspecting Foundation. Test results report number: 100473. Test method: Deodorization effectiveness was evaluated using a six-level odor intensity indication method applied to a piece of fabric impregnated with tobacco smoke odor. Odor intensity was reduced to 1.0 (equivalent to eliminating 99% of the odor) in 30 minutes compared to the control sample with an odor intensity of 3.5. (Percentage of eliminated odor intensity calculated by Sharp based on reported results data.)

ES-TX800 Plasmacluster Washing Machine