Superheated Steam Oven <AX-HC1>

Sharp's innovative AX-HC1 Superheated Steam Oven used a newly developed superheated steam generator to "roast" foods with water. By spraying food with superheated steam*1 at a temperature of 300℃, the oven delivered approximately eight times more heat content*2 than convection ovens. This cooked food such as meat and fried foods while dramatically reducing excessive fat and salt.This Superheated Steam Oven made possible a whole new level of healthy cooking, allowing low-calorie cooking that reduced fat in fried foods, low-salt cooking that reduced salt in foods such as salted fish, and low-oxygen cooking that limited the loss of nutrients such as vitamin C due to oxidization. The Superheated Steam Oven won over countless consumers looking for a healthy way to cook.

A clear, colorless gas obtained by heating ordinary steam at 100℃ under normal pressure to even higher temperatures.
Compared to the heating capacity per cubic meter (m3) of Sharp's RE-MA1 convection/microwave oven when the oven is cooking at 230℃.